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Web Storage API

Using Web Storage API to access browser storage from the server.

The WebStorage API allows you to access the browser Web Storage from the server. Web Storage is a standard JavaScript API to store string-only key-value pairs in the device running the browser. Data is persisted only in that device.

WebStorage.Storage defines two types of storage: local storage and session storage.

Default Value
WebStorage uses UI.getCurrent() by default to get a target UI instance. All methods also have variants with a parameter for UI instance. The UI instance argument shouldn’t be null — especially when calling a method outside of the main thread.

Local Storage

Local storage data is stored per origin — a combination of protocol, host, and port — with no expiration date.

Shortcuts: setItem(String, String), removeItem(String), and clear().

The following code sets a key-value pair to local storage:

WebStorage.setItem("key", "value");

Session Storage

Session storage data is stored per origin and browser page session, i.e., the browser window or tab. Storage is cleared when the window or tab is closed.

Storage Term
Session storage term comes from the Window.sessionStorage Web Storage JavaScript API. It’s not directly affected by the lifecycle of Vaadin sessions or HTTP sessions in general.

Setting Key-Value Pairs

Key-value pairs are set in the storage with setItem(Storage, String, String). You’d do that like this:

WebStorage.setItem(Storage.LOCAL_STORAGE, "key", "value");

Removing Key-Value Pairs

You can remove key-value pairs from storage with removeItem(Storage, String). Below is an example of this:

WebStorage.removeItem(Storage.SESSION_STORAGE, "key");

Clearing Storage

Clear storage with clear(Storage). Below is an example:


Getting Values from Storage

You can request a value from storage by using a key. You can process the returned value using a callback with getItem(Storage, String, Callback). Below is example of how to get a value from the session storage with a key:

WebStorage.getItem(Storage.SESSION_STORAGE, "key", value -> {

Callback gives a null value in case of an unexpected error.