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Vaadin 8 reached End of Life on February 21, 2022. Discover how to make your Vaadin 8 app futureproof →

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Vaadin 8 End Of Life

Vaadin 8 reached End of Life on February 21, 2022. New projects should start with a newer version of Vaadin. For existing Vaadin 8 projects, discover how to make your app futureproof.



Use Java to build web applications. See Framework


Create UIs visually by dragging and dropping components on a canvas. See Designer


Feature-rich interactive graph library that answers the data visualization needs of modern web applications. See Charts


Create end-to-end integration tests, including visual regression tests. See TestBench


Edit Excel spreadsheets in your Vaadin applications. See Spreadsheet


Create flexible responsive layouts and build nice looking dashboards. See Board

Bakery App Starter

Get a head start building business applications based on Vaadin and Spring or JavaEE. See Bakery App Starter

AppSec Kit

Identify and manage vulnerabilities in third-party dependencies. See AppSec Kit

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Book of Vaadin

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Download the Book of Vaadin that covers most basic topics working with Vaadin. Download