While our current LTS, Vaadin 14 is the best option for keeping your apps modern on an open-foundation based on web standards, Vaadin 8 is still widely used by certain businesses, as it is still extremely stable, and supports legacy browsers, such as IE 11.

The open source version of Vaadin 8 is maintained (and will receive updates) until the end of February 2022, and the extended maintenance continues until the end of February 2032. We recommend modernizing your application to Vaadin 14, or purchasing extended maintenance, as the end-of-life date is fast approaching.


Vaadin 8

Vaadin 14


Based on GWT widgets

  • Easy to use GWT based widgets Wider selection of add-ons
  • Better performance with legacy browser, such as IE11

Standard Web Components

  • Standard Web Components Mobile-first approach
  • Easier to wrap existing Web Components
Client-side extensions
  • Based on GWT
  • Ability to do simple things with JavaScript
  • Possibility to access client-side elements directly from JVM
  • Extensions can be built using standard client-side technology
Template format
  • Similar to HTML
  • No support for inline HTML, JavaScript or CSS


  • More advanced template format based on Polymer
  • LitElement support is currently under implementation
  • Easier to take advantage of existing front-end skills
  • Valo theme built using SCSS

  • Two base themes built using modern CSS3 features

  • Integrated design system and enhanced theme packaging features to simplify theme management and enhance designer-developer collaboration
Other features
  • Support for legacy browsers
  • Battle-tested stability
  • Real-time collaboration features with a few lines of code using Collaboration Engine
  • Support for upcoming features