While the latest versions offer a lot of cool new technology, Vaadin 8 still offers certain features that are missing from Vaadin 14 and there are community add-ons that are not yet updated for latest Web Component-based framework. Vaadin 8 also provides a much better client-side performance on legacy browsers, such as IE 11.

The open source version of Vaadin 8 is maintained until the end of February 2022, and the extended maintenance continues until the end of February 2032.


Vaadin 8

Vaadin 10


Based on GWT widgets

  • Easy to use GWT based widgets Wider selection of add-ons
  • Better performance with legacy browser, such as IE11

Standard Web Components

  • Standard Web Components Mobile-first approach
  • Easier to wrap existing Web Component
Client-side extensions
  • Based on GWT
  • Ability to do simple things with JavaScript
  • Possibility to access client-side elements directly from JVM
  • Extensions can be built using standard client-side technology
Template format
  • HTML-like, but not really HTML
  • No support for inline HTML, JavaScript or CSS


  • More advanced template format based on Polymer
  • Easier to take advantage of existing front-end skills
  • Valo theme built using SCSS

  • Two base themes built using modern CSS3 features

Other features
  • More comprehensive feature set for plain Java user
  • New features built for latest Vaadin version
  • Still missing certain things like generic drag and drop support