Upcoming releases

Already released Vaadin versions can be found on the Releases page.

Upcoming features

TabSheet component In development
Tooltip component In development
Single Sign-On integrations In development
Observability  In development
Swing Coexistence In development
Reactive endpoints for Hilla Preview
Multi-module support for Hilla Preview
Clustering support for Collaboration Engine Preview
Spreadsheet component for Flow Preview

See the Roadmap board on GitHub for more details on the features and bug fixes planned for upcoming versions.

What's happening in the ecosystem

  • Spring Boot 3.0 GA release in November 2022. 
  • Servers and frameworks are moving to Jakarta namespace.
  • Java 17 usage will continue to grow.

We're planning to support Spring Boot 3.0 relatively soon after GA is out, as well as to support jakarta.servlet 5.0. We're still investigating whether this support will be side by side with javax.servlet (3.0) with a minor release or if it will be included into a new major release on its own. Java 17 is already supported but not required in Vaadin 23, and will become a requirement in the next major version. 

For a deeper understanding of our long-term roadmap, take a look the highlights of our Roadmap 2022 webinar held in April 2022.

Release model

Starting from Vaadin 23, we're adopting a simpler release model where:

  • Minor releases are released every 3 months. These include new features, and old functionality is kept as deprecated. Upgrading is low effort.
  • Major releases don't have a fixed schedule, but we expect to have a new major every 12-24 months. These include significant dependency changes and removing previously deprecated functionality. Upgrading may require more effort.

We recommend to always be on the latest version, which is stable and also comes with the latest features for your project.


Minor versions are supported for 3 more months after the next minor is released. All major versions are supported for free for a year after a new major is released. 

Prime and Enterprise customers can choose to stay on any major version for 5 years and can get Extended Maintenance for another 10 years. We fix issues you come across in the version you currently use with the Warranty service.

Version Free support Commercial support

1 year after next major release, at least until 2024.

Mar 2, 2037

 22 March 2, 2023


 14 Aug 14, 2024

Aug 14, 2034


Jun 25, 2023

Jun 25, 2033

End of support

Feb 21, 2032
7 End of support

Feb 2029


Feedback and questions

We would love to hear your ideas on how to make Vaadin better. And please do not hesitate to ask about anything you see here. The best place to ask is on our Discord channels where you can chat with Vaadin team.