Vaadin Roadmap

These are the features we are planning to add next to Vaadin platform.

Upcoming releases

  • Vaadin 22, estimated release December 2021
  • Vaadin 23 LTS*, estimated release March 2022

(*LTS: Long Term Support version, see below for details)

See the Roadmap board on GitHub for details on the features planned for upcoming versions.

Already released Vaadin versions are described on the Releases page.

Release model

LTS (Long Term Support) versions

Roughly every two years, we release a Long Term Support (LTS) version, with 5+10 years of support (see details below). The current LTS version is Vaadin 14. Fully backward-compatible minor versions of the current LTS are released whenever a new set of features is completed. We recommended this version for most users who are building production applications. (For applications that require great IE11 support, we recommend Vaadin 8.)

Non-LTS versions (V15+)

We develop significant new features in the non-LTS releases that are released every 3 months and supported for 4 months. These versions are incremental steps towards the next LTS, in which the new features are released when they have matured and are ready for general use. We recommend this version for early adopters who are eager to explore the new features and want to have a say in the future direction of the product. Many of the features released in non-LTS versions are also backported to the current LTS.


We support LTS versions for 5 years, and for an additional 10 years for our Enterprise customers. All fixes are made to the latest released version.

With the warranty service, available to Prime and Enterprise customers, we fix issues you come across for all currently supported versions.

Version Support Extended support
7 End of support Feb 2029
8* Feb 21, 2022 Feb 21, 2032
10 (LTS) Jun 25, 2023 Jun 25, 2033
14 (LTS) Aug 14, 2024 Aug 14, 2034
21 January 8, 2021 N/A

Feedback and questions

We would love to hear your ideas on how to make Vaadin better. And please do not hesitate to ask about anything you see here. The best place to ask is on our Discord channels where you can chat with Vaadin team.