Vaadin Framework

Version 7.2

  • Features
    • Responsive layouts for components (currently available as add-on)
    • Improved push channel with support for long polling, tomcat 8, wildfly 8, glassfish 4, jetty 9.1
    • Font icons
    • Native support for Internet Explorer 11 and Windows Phone 8.1. Including pointer events.
    • Performance optimizations, bugfixes and API improvements
  • Estimated schedule
    • Beta: early April
    • Final: May

Version 7.3

  • Features
    • Valo - parametrized modular theme
      • Customize colors, fonts, flatness, roundness and gradients with high level paramenters
      • Modular SCSS based design that allows you to selectively override and reuse parts of the theme
      • So flexible that you can make it look like "metro" or "osx" or anything in between
  • Estimated schedule
    • Alpha: April
    • Beta: May - June
    • Final: June

Version 7.4

  • Features
    • Grid - redesigned data grid for Vaadin
      • Super fast hw-accelerated Escalator rendering engine
      • Unlimited number of rows
      • Easy to extend - both in client and in server
      • Fully functional API for both server-side and client-side use
      • Editor rows for powerful lightweight cell editors
      • Frozen columns
      • Hierarchical headers
      • Customizable widgets and components in headers
      • Customizable renderers for drawing *anything* inside cells
  • Estimated schedule: Will start releasing regular alpha releases in April
    • Alpha: Regular alpha releases starting from April
    • Beta: As soon as it is ready - guessing end of June
    • Final: 1-2 months after beta

Version 7.5

  • Additional features for Grid component
    • Hierarchy support (should contain all features in TreeTable)
    • Variable row height
    • Using parent scrollbars to simulate long pages
    • Supporting undefined sized data-sources by loading rows when scrolling to end
    • Components in cells
    • Detail rows
  • Other features to be announced later
  • No estimates for release schedule

Version 8

  • Focus on modern web browsers. Will drop support for IE8 and possibly IE9 to be able to build on the latest HTML5 features.
  • All of the currently supported web browsers continue to be supported in Vaadin 7, which is actively developed in parallel with Vaadin 8.
  • Support for GWT 3.0
  • No estimates for release schedule

Major version 7 is supported with regular maintenance releases every 2-3 weeks. Major focus on continuously increasing the quality of the framework. Covered by bux fix priority service.

Major version 6 is covered by bux fix priority service. In addition to prioritized bugs, only security and other major issues are addressed.

Vaadin TouchKit

Version 4.0

  • Features
  • Estimated schedule
    • Beta: mid April
    • Final: early May

Starting from version 4.0, Vaadin TouchKit will be released under the CVALv3 license.

Vaadin TestBench

Version 4.0

  • Features
    • Element Query with more effective support for selecting UI components
    • Replaces recorder with component selector built into Vaadin 7.2 debug window
  • Estimated schedule
    • Alpha: early April
    • Beta: May
    • Final: June

Starting from version 4.0, Vaadin TestBench will be released under the CVALv3 license.

Vaadin CDI

Version 1.0

  • Features
    • Support for CDI (JSR-299)
      • Dependency injection of anything
      • CDI events
    • Publishing injected UIs and Views
    • UI and View scopes
    • Basic access control for use with injected components and views
  • Estimated schedule
    • Beta: late April
    • Final: May

Vaadin Charts

Version 2.0

  • Features
    • 3D charts
    • Heatmap charts
  • Estimated schedule: 2014Q2

Version 3.0

  • Features
    • Support for use in GWT projects
    • Client-side API
  • No estimates for release schedule

Starting from version 2.0, Vaadin Charts will be released under the CVALv3 license.

For more information on the roadmap, read the latest roadmap blog post.


What Happens Right Now?

Up-to-the-minute list of things that the Vaadin development team is working on is maintained on the timeline.

What Happens Next?

All of the planned future development can be viewed in the milestones on this page. Milestones with a date are mostly implemented in a timely manner. Ideas on the backlogs with no date set might never get implemented.

How To Get Feature X Implemented?

There are three ways of ensuring that your favourite feature will get implemented:

  • Implement it yourself. Really! Just get the the sources, compile and start implementing. It is not that hard.
  • Vote for a ticket of your favourite feature (requires a Pro Account subscription).
  • Sponsor the development of the feature.

We value all suggestions for new features and will try to accomodate as much as possible. Vaadin UserVoice also contains feature suggestions which you can vote for.

How To Get the Feature In Vaadin?

Implementing a feature for yourself is one thing, implementing and documenting it in a way everyone can enjoy it is a totally different story. For the feature to get in the main release, it must be ready for everyone and the development team must feel comfortable maintaining the feature for years.

If you have implemented a feature that you consider worthy to be integrated, please post your development as a new ticket (with patch). We try to evaluate all patches in a timely fashion and will respect your contribution and try really hard to make it happen.

Version numbers

All version numbers for Vaadin products are of form major.minor.maintenance.postfix. Major releases are released, when new features require breaking backwards compatibility. Minor releases are released for adding new features that maintain backwards compatibility. Maintenance releases fix bugs and contain no new features. The postfix is optional indication of stability. For more info on version numbers, read this blog post.


Each major release of Vaadin Framework is maintained for 5 years after the initial public stable release of the major version. Major version is maintained with minor and maintenance releases. Only the latest minor release for each major release will receive maintenance releases.

Currently supported major versions are:

  • Vaadin Framework 6 (maintained to the end of May 2014)
  • Vaadin Framework 7 (maintained at least to the end of Feb 2018)