Upcoming releases

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Vaadin 20

Out now:

  • Templates: Lit template 2.0
  • Design System Publisher: Build your own design system, including full documentation, live examples, your custom components and styles. Use Vaadin's extensive documentation as the foundation of your design system and generate a modern design system documentation site.
  • Gradle: Gradle build plugin brought up-to-date with Maven plugin and sharing the same functionality, codebase and support guarantee.
  • Collaboration Engine: In app discussions. Add a real-time chat to any context in your application and persist it in your own database.
  • Collaboration Engine: Activity log that can be scoped to a specific work item or view.

Vaadin 14.7

Release estimated: (not fixed yet)

  • Lazy loading: Simplify lazy data binding to Grid and Combobox

Vaadin 21

Release estimated: Sep 1

  • Spreadsheet: Bringing over spreadsheet component with Excel support from Vaadin 8.
  • Collaboration Engine: Clustering support for larger collaboration engine deployments.

Vaadin 22

Release estimated: Dec 1

Feature set is still open. We will focus on the most important things to be ready for the upcoming LTS release 

Vaadin 23 LTS

Release estimated: 2022 Mar 2

No new features are planned for Vaadin 23. Instead, we focus solely in testing and quality. 

Plan is to declare Vaadin 23 as Long Term Supported, meaning that it will have support and maintenance available for up to 15 years.

Upgrade from Vaadin 14 LTS should be easy as there are no significant APIs that would be removed in this release.

Vaadin 23.1

Release estimated: 2022 Q2

  • Collaboration Engine: Real-time collaboration support with Fusion and TypeScript.

See more details on upcoming features in our GitHub roadmap board.


Release model

Vaadin 14.x

Vaadin 14 and the following minors 14.x provide a stable platform to build Progressive Web Applications on and is the default choice for new applications. Most of our development effort goes towards 14.x with a focus on new features in addition to improving the developer experience based on our community's feedback. We focus on making it faster to develop, test, and debug your Vaadin web applications. As the 14.x series is an LTS, it has up to 15 years of support ahead.

We release backward compatible 14.x versions whenever a consistent feature set is completed.

We recommended this version for most users who are building production applications. For applications that require great IE11 support, we recommend Vaadin 8.

Vaadin 15+

Vaadin 15 and the following majors are incremental steps towards the next LTS release. Many of the features included Vaadin 15+ will also be released as backwards compatible features with the latest LTS, 14.x.

We release a new major version of Vaadin every 3 months. These releases are supported for 4 months.

Roughly every two years, we release a Long Term Support (LTS) version. We develop significant new features in the non-LTS releases, and when the features have matured and are ready for general use, we release an LTS version. The next LTS is planned to be released in Dec 2021.

We recommend this version for early adopters who are eager to explore the new features and want to have a say in the future direction of the product.




We support LTS versions for 5 years, and for an additional 10 years for our Enterprise customers. All fixes are made to the latest released version.

With the warranty service, available to Prime and Enterprise customers, we fix issues you come across for all currently supported versions.

Version Support Extended support
7 End of support Feb 2029
8* Feb 21, 2022 Feb 21, 2032
10 (LTS) Jun 25, 2023 Jun 25, 2033
14 (LTS) Aug 14, 2024 Aug 14, 2034
19 July 2nd 2021 N/A
20 Oct 2nd 2021 N/A

* The support for Vaadin 8 includes the Vaadin 7 compatibility classes even though Vaadin 7 support has ended.



Feedback and questions

We would love to hear your ideas on how to make Vaadin better. And please do not hesitate to ask about anything you see here. The best place to ask is on our Discord channels where you can chat with Vaadin team.