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The latest feature release, Vaadin 22, is here! New on the table is stateless Fusion, official Quarkus support for Flow, and updates to the Vaadin components, such as compatibility with assistive technologies. The previous release will continue to receive support for a month.

Ready to dive right in? You can follow the upgrade instructions for Flow, Fusion and/or Components, or download a new project with our Vaadin Start online configurator.

We'll be posting separately about all the new features and experimental Vite support this December, so stay tuned on our blog!

Vaadin Fusion: Stateless

By default, Fusion will not create server sessions and will use the token-based authentication mechanism, keeping the server stateless. Since server endpoints don't use a session, a server can handle more concurrent users, enabling easier horizontal scaling and high availability of services.

You can read more about stateless Fusion and other Fusion features on our new V22 technical documentation page.

Vaadin Flow: Official Quarkus support

Quarkus support has often been requested by the community and we are delighted to finally deliver it to you. You can use our Quarkus project base starter, which includes all the templates and dependencies for you to get started. The starter is also configured for Gradle on its own branch.

Official Quarkus support is covered by our warranty.

What is Quarkus?

Quarkus is an open source, Kubernetes-native Java framework made for JVMs and native compilation. You can read more about the framework and its optimization for containers at

Vaadin Components

The components received significant updates for this release. You can view the component release notes for full details.

Accessibility improvements

V22 introduces accessibility improvements to comply with upcoming GDPR and other legislative requirements. Vaadin components can now be used with assistive technologies (AT), such as screen readers.

Learn more about the changes and the reason behind them in this blog post on accessible web components.

LitRenderer API for Java counterparts

A new LitRenderer API replaces the now-deprecated TemplateRenderer for Grid, Combo Box, and Virtual List. You can learn more in the technical documentation.

Other component changes

View the complete list of changes in the component release notes for the full spectrum of fixes and improvements to the component library. There were about 500 commits to the components repository, including custom a date format for Date Picker and Lumo theme styling for Charts, between the releases.

Collaboration Engine

Collaboration Engine receives two new APIs:

1. SystemConnectionContext API

The SystemConnectionContext API supports Collaboration Engine features together with external systems that are not directly associated with a specific user when they are using a Vaadin UI.

2. MessageManager API

The MessageManager API is a data access API to handle messages in topics. You can provide a data layer access that lets you submit messages to a Topic and react when a new message is submitted to the same Topic. You don’t need to use the low-level Topic API, which has none of the higher-level concepts, to take advantage of MessageManager.

You can find implementation and licensing details in the documentation. There’s a free quota of Collaboration Engine users for all Vaadin tiers (including the free Core tier).



When should I upgrade to V22?
We recommend V22 if you are building with Vaadin Fusion and/or want to try the latest features immediately and provide us with feedback, or if you are already on V21. The feature releases, such as V22, receive 4 months of support.

Are there any breaking changes between V21 and V22?
There are some known issues and limitations detailed in the release notes.

The component updates introduce breaking some changes to the DOM structure and styling. See the upgrade guide for comprehensive details.

We kindly ask you to report any issues you may encounter.

How can I get started with V22?
You can find upgrade instructions in the V22 documentation. If you want to start anew, configure a V22 project for both Vaadin Flow and Fusion at Vaadin Start. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice; the frameworks are interoperable.

What’s next?
We create a feature release roughly every quarter. Find details on the Vaadin roadmap.

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