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Web applications for businesses

While you can use Vaadin for any web app, our focus is on business apps.  With a Pro subscription, you get your hands on powerful productivity tools and components for building data-intensive web apps. Want to get an idea of how the Pro subscription could speed up your project? Choose the 14 day free trial.

Save precious development time

Vaadin App Starters in the Pro subscription are based on best practices for all layers when building a business-grade web application with Vaadin. They are the result of our accumulated experience developing web applications across industries, and give you a comfortable and reassuring head start in any commercial project.

Vaadin Pro components


With the requirements we have, Vaadin TestBench was a perfect fit for our needs. With it and the help we got from Vaadin, we were able to automate testing and even take test automation to new areas in our organisation.

Henrik Siiskonen Architect, If Insurance

Vaadin Designer has significantly improved our productivity by enabling us to directly produce a working prototype quickly, and have client's feedback very early on. I strongly recommend Vaadin Designer and suggest to try the templates, they are simply awesome!

Farrukh Ijaz CEO

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Get to know the powerful features of Vaadin Pro with a 14-day free trial (no credit card information needed) - or subscribe and start your first professional project!

  • Compose UIs with drag and drop.
  • Visualize data with beautiful graphs.
  • Create responsive dashboards.
  • Build rich data-entry views.
  • Use the best development practices.
  • Catch bugs in the UI logic.
  • Evaluate the full set of tools for your business.

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