Vaadin Trademarks

"Vaadin", "}>" and "Thinking of U and I" are Vaadin registered trademarks.

You may use the registered trademark "Vaadin" as follows:

  • You may refer to Vaadin Framework or Vaadin Ltd on your site, technical materials, books, presentations and other materials as long as it is purely for reference and do not constitute an endorsement by Vaadin Ltd or Vaadin open source project.
  • You may name you application "XYZ for Vaadin", but you may not name it "Vaadin XYZ".
  • You may name your training course "XYZ to Vaadin" or corresponding, but you may not name it "Vaadin XYZ".
  • You may use terms "works with Vaadin", "optimized for Vaadin", "designed for Vaadin", "for use with Vaadin" etc. to describe your application.
  • You may indicate that your site or service is developed with Vaadin by using terms "developed with Vaadin", "runs on Vaadin" etc. on your site or service.
  • You may use Vaadin as part of your event or publication title, provided that your name appears more prominently than Vaadin and the title does not start with the word Vaadin, for example "Annual XYZ JUG meeting for Vaadin developers".

Note that you may not use the Vaadin logo without a permission, not even in the cases listed above. Guidelines for the use of Vaadin logos are available below.