Four strategies and best practices for successful app modernization

Application Modernization: 4 Can’t-Miss Tips for a Successful Transition

Cutting-edge applications are necessary to maintain a competitive edge in the post-COVID era. Users today expect lightning-fast load times, intuitive interfaces, and accessibility from any device at any time. Born-in-the-cloud companies can use everything from serverless to artificial intelligence and virtual reality to deliver the best user experiences.

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4 Simple ways to display geospatial features in Vaadin Flow UIs

Four ways to display geospatial features in Vaadin Flow UIs

Java is a commonly used platform to edit geospatial data. There is almost an overload of various tools and libraries available. There are a number of UI widgets for Vaadin that allow you to plot and even edit geospatial information. The unique architecture of Vaadin Flow also allows you to build ...
Embrace This Game-Changing Programming Language for Enterprise Applications

Four reasons to choose Java for enterprise application development

The enterprise environment presents a distinct set of demands: scalability to manage large workloads, extremely robust security, and seamless integration with legacy systems. Within this distinct set of demands, Java offers compelling advantages to the enterprise. In this article, we explain why ...
Kotlin and Vaadin logos side by side in white

Build modern web apps 100% in Kotlin

Build modern web apps in 100% Java is the tagline often used for Vaadin Flow. By changing the language, this could actually apply to Kotlin as well, known for its Kotlin-to-JavaScript transpilation. Kotlin code can be transpiled to JavaScript for execution in the browser, so one could argue that no ...
Graphic of a desktop screen with code and the text

Looking for a Java Swing alternative? Consider Vaadin’s modern UI framework

Discover how Vaadin's modern UI framework offers a seamless and advanced alternative to Java Swing for developing desktop and web applications. Is Java Swing still being used? Java Swing was once the go-to for creating desktop applications, but as technology has evolved, it's starting to show its ...
Responsive Web Design with Java and Vaadin Flow

Building responsive websites with Java and Vaadin Flow

Responsive web design is an approach to building web applications that dynamically change the size or orientation of the visible elements for ideal viewing on viewports of various sizes. At various breakpoints (developer-defined numerical values of viewpoint dimensions), one may notice menus ...
Norse Feedback

Norse Feedback's Speedy Dashboard Development with a Vaadin Mentor

How Norse Feedback developed a complex dashboard in just four months with the help of a Vaadin Mentor. Norse Feedback, a Norwegian health tech company, is making waves in the SaaS industry with its innovative, dynamic feedback tool for mental health care. 3,000 mental health practitioners in Norway ...
The new Vaadin Forum is here

The New Vaadin Forum is Live!

We're happy to announce that the new Vaadin Forum is now live on The Vaadin Forum is a central place for you to get help, share information, and connect with other Vaadin Community members. Forum and chat in one place. The Vaadin Forum brings both forums and chat together in one ...
Persist data with pure Java

Persist your data with pure Java

In the fast-paced world of software development, efficiency and simplicity often dictate a project's success. This is why many Java developers have chosen Vaadin. With Vaadin, you can use a single language and execute your code in a single execution environment to create compelling web UIs. This ...
Accessing WebAuthn API with Vaadin

Forget passwords - Accessing WebAuthn API with Vaadin

Various WebAuthn/passkey-related questions have been trending in the Vaadin community, and unsurprisingly so. In 2024, "passkeys" should become the only acceptable authentication method for any self-respecting software craftsman, and passwords should be burnt with 🔥. Some questions have been ...