Meet Breeze and Carbon: The two new theme add-ons available in Directory

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Some development teams find writing their own CSS styles more interesting than others. We have created two theme add-ons to kickstart the visual customization of Vaadin 23 apps. Both themes can be used as they are or further customized to better fit your team’s needs.

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Enable Live Reload for your Vaadin project

Vaadin Flow supports live reload features out of the box. This enables developers to view their changes in the browser without manually restarting the server and refreshing the browser after each change in the code. In this blog post, I'll show you how to enable automatic browser reloads for your ...
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Create a custom component with Lit

Learn how to make your custom component a first-class citizen in the Lumo design system. In this tutorial, I will share some learnings I have gathered with my team when we have implemented custom components for Vaadin. When you start creating your custom components, I would assume you like them to ...

What stuck out to the Products team in the Vaadin Community Survey 2021

In the Vaadin Community Survey 2021, we asked our community members a series of questions to help us gain a better understanding of who is currently using Vaadin, why they’re using Vaadin, as well as what are some of the most common things they struggle with when building applications with Vaadin. ...
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German insurance company HDI achieves a 50% reduction in lines of code by migrating to Vaadin

HDI is in the process of modernizing its business-critical application, Policy. The company migrated the internal application’s client side, originally built on RCP and SWT, to Vaadin Flow V14 to make use of our comprehensive selection of web components. Read the full story below. The company: A ...
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Learn from the best – productivity tips from software architect Petter Holmström

Vaadin not only develops frameworks for building applications. We also develop actual applications. In all of these, we use our tools to some extent, but many deliveries by our Services department are fundamentally generic Java software projects, or consulting on them. This is probably the place to ...
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Vaadin 23.1: The first new minor release!

Vaadin is becoming even better with the upcoming minor releases. You can access the new features and improvements, such as the LumoUtility Java API and improved Grid, in the first minor release, Vaadin 23.1. We adopted a simplified release model with Vaadin 23 two months ago. This model enables us ...
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Inheritance vs Composition in Web Components

As developers, we strive for efficiency – not only in our code, but also in the software development process itself. One way to achieve this efficiency is to avoid redundancy and prioritize code reuse, so that we do not end up reinventing the wheel. Two tools that we have in our arsenal to achieve ...

Top 5 Productivity Libraries for Java developers

Productivity in developing UIs is the heart and soul of Vaadin. But UI is just a portion of your application. There are a huge number of libraries available for Java developers that help you to be more productive than with pure JDK. For this article, we collected our favorite libraries that share ...
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Building accessible web apps with Vaadin

Accessibility in web application development is about removing barriers that could prevent people from accessing or using a digital product, such as a website or mobile app. With an estimated one billion people experiencing some form of disability, and the digital transformation from office to home ...