Building a real-time collaborative page editor with Vaadin

Vaadin Collaboration Kit challenge winner Roman Kovarík

In January 2023, we hosted a Collaboration Kit challenge for the Vaadin community. The goal was to use the Collaboration Kit to design or build a web application with real-time user collaboration. In this blog post series, we take a closer look at the winning applications!

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Hilla logo with text

Hilla 2.0: New features and an improved technology baseline using Spring Boot 3 and Java 17

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.0 of Hilla, the type-safe web framework for Spring Boot. This latest release represents a major milestone for Hilla, as it introduces a new technology baseline that utilizes Spring Boot 3, Java 17, and Jakarta EE 10. This means that you can continue ...
Reach your development goals faster with a Vaadin Technical Success Manager

Reach your development goals faster with a Vaadin Technical Success Manager

A smooth application development process is essential for delivering a high-quality product that meets the needs and expectations of its users. Whether you are developing, modernizing, or operating applications, a Vaadin Technical Success Manager is your expert guide to the efficient use of Vaadin ...
Vaadin Spreadsheet for Vaadin 24

What's new in Vaadin 24 for the Spreadsheet component?

The latest version of Vaadin Spreadsheet is now available for Vaadin 24 with the same feature set as found in Vaadin 8. Read on to learn more about the updates! Vaadin Spreadsheet is a component that enables users to create, edit, and view spreadsheets in the web browser. It offers an intuitive ...
Vaadin 24 is out

Vaadin 24: A new technology baseline using Spring Boot 3 and Java 17, plus faster build times

Vaadin 24 delivers a significant step forward for users of Vaadin Flow with a new technology baseline that includes Java 17, Spring Boot 3, and Jakarta EE 10. This ensures you can continue building Vaadin Flow apps with the latest Java technologies.  Vaadin 24 also provides several exciting ...
2023 State of Java in the Enterprise report

2023 Trends for Java in the Enterprise

According to developer surveys, Java is one of the top three programming languages, and its use continues to grow. While Java has long been the workhorse language for business applications, there has been little data available about how enterprises are really using Java. This first-ever State of ...
How to configure cidaas for Vaadin SSO Kit

How to configure cidaas for Vaadin SSO Kit

There are good reasons to use Identity & Access Managers (IAM) with Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities in your applications. Users typically want to authenticate once with the SSO solution rather than reauthenticate with individual applications repeatedly. SSO saves time and improves the overall ...
How to send web push notifications with Vaadin Flow

Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Web Push Notifications from Vaadin Flow

Web push notifications are an effective way to keep users engaged with your web application even when they're not actively using it. They can be used to deliver real-time updates, reminders, and other important messages that can help improve user experience and increase user retention. Just be sure ...

Announcing the Collaboration Kit Challenge winners

Today we are pleased to announce our Collaboration Kit Challenge winners! After careful consideration and evaluation, the jury selected the top three designs based on originality, effort, and design criteria. Each submission demonstrated high skill and creativity, making the selection process ...
List your Maven Central-published add-on is Vaadin Directory.

Vaadin Add-on Directory can now list artifacts through Maven Central

Did you develop a cool library or component for Vaadin and publish it on Maven Central? That's great! This approach has several advantages over traditional publishing. The good news is that listing those libraries in the Directory is now possible – with minimal effort. While ...