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Show the world that you know Vaadin by getting an official certificate. The Vaadin certification program is intended for experienced developers that know how to use Java and Vaadin Framework to create business web applications.

When you see someone with the Vaadin Certificate you know they have the skills and knowledge to quickly build and deploy web applications to any Java EE application server using Vaadin technology.

Individual developers

Show your skills. Boost your developer career.

You love to learn and certification makes you confident enough to push Vaadin technology to its limits.

Having earned a certification does not automatically make you entitled to a huge raise, but 81% of developers* consider it helps increasing the earning potential.

*) according to survey

Team leads

Manage competence. Keep your talents.

Make sure that you have the most competent people in your Java and Vaadin 7 web development.

Developers appreciate certification and Vaadin certification offers one of the most interesting competence development paths for Java web developers.

How to prepare for the exam

Book of Vaadin

Read online, download or order a print. This book is all about Vaadin 7 and therefore the foundation of the certification exam.
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Vaadin Training

A hands-on Vaadin 7 classroom training is the most efficient way to learn Vaadin in just a few days.
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Frequently asked questions about the exam

Where can I take the exam?

The exam is taken as online test at Before the real test, you need to log in to Please, ensure you have a good network connection available during the exam.

What is the exam format?

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions. There is a time limit on each question. In the beginning there is a small warm-up that does not affect the actual exam result. To earn your Vaadin 7 Certified Developer credential, you must score at least 60 percent of about 40 questions.

How much time do I need?

This varies from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes. Most typically to pass the test it takes about 60 minutes.

What do I need to know?

The Vaadin Certified Developer exam tests your knowledge and skills of Vaadin development. The exam is based on the Book of Vaadin and focuses on the following features and functions:

  • Vaadin Basics
  • Vaadin Architecture
  • Server-Side Application Basics
  • Components
  • Layout Components
  • Data Model
  • Themes
  • Client-Side Development
  • Advanced Topics
  • Add-ons

Vaadin Fundamentals and Vaadin Advanced trainings helps you to prepare for this certification exam.


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Vaadin Certification Webinar recorded May 30, 2013.

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Training Diplomas and Exams

After attending an official Vaadin training, you can get a training diploma and take the final exam.

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