An open platform for building web apps in Java

Vaadin is a platform for rapidly developing web apps on Java backends. Build scalable UIs in Java or TypeScript, and use the integrated tooling, components and design system to iterate faster, design better and simplify the development process.

Latest: Vaadin 20.0.5
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How to enable real-time collaboration in your Vaadin app in 4 steps

Most web applications are collaborative. You have multiple users, all working with the same underlying data in the database. However, in most existing business applications, this collaboration doesn't happen in real time, which can lead to mistakes, inconsistent data, and lost working time.
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Build UIs in Java or TypeScript. The choice is yours.

Build UIs with two interoperable frameworks that can be used independently or together. Vaadin ensures that your app enjoys end-to-end type safety. Java
import com.example.application.backend.GreetService;

public HelloWorldView(@Autowired GreetService service) {
  TextField name = new TextField("Name");
  Paragraph greeting = new Paragraph("");

  Button sayHello = new Button("Greet");
  sayHello.addClickListener(e -> {

Vaadin Flow

Vaadin Flow is a web framework that allows you to write UI 100% in Java without getting bogged down in JS, HTML, and CSS. If you prefer, you can also create layouts in HTML or with a visual designer. Your apps run on the server and handle all communication automatically and securely. Building on the strong Java ecosystem, Flow works with your favorite IDEs, tools, and libraries.

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hello-world-view.ts Typescript
import { greetTheServer } 
  from "Frontend/generated/GreetingEndpoint";

render() {
  return html`
    <vaadin-button @click="${this.helloClicked}">
        Say hello
async helloClicked() {
  this.greeting = await greetTheServer();

Vaadin Fusion

Vaadin Fusion is a full-stack framework for developing reactive client-side web apps with a Java backend. Views are based on web components, built with LitElement and TypeScript. The framework generates types from the Java server endpoints and data classes, giving you secure, typesafe and straightforward form binding and server endpoint access.

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Best-in-class web components

Delight your users with a beautiful and consistent experience based on the web component standard. Build your design system on the comprehensive set of components that are tested for mobile and desktop with special attention to accessibility. 

Uniquely integrated with Java

Vaadin has type safety at its core, enabling superior productivity, tooling support, and the confidence of knowing that your backend and frontend are always in sync. You can leverage the entire JVM ecosystem in your app, from dependency injection to unit testing.

Write once, run everywhere

All Vaadin apps rely on web standards. This means that you can develop and maintain a single unified codebase that runs on any device. Simply ship your project as a web app that runs natively on any modern browser or can be installed on any device.


Sustainable Open Source

The core of Vaadin is free and open source. You can build anything on it without limitations. Behind the product is a 150 person team that is solely focused on helping you accelerate development with Vaadin. With the commercial components, tools and support, we fund the free Vaadin for everyone.


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Helping you build on Vaadin is our core business

Professional tools

Enrich your app with an extended set of components. Accelerate the development with the visual designer and the testing tool.

Expert Support

Get it right the first time with a direct line to the team who built Vaadin. Just ask and we’ll help you in your project hands on.

Succeed together

Partner with Vaadin for a close collaboration, speeding up the development with Vaadin experts joining your team.

Consulting services

Whether you need a new design system, a component or the whole app, Vaadin team can build it for you.

Industry highlights



AXPM One lets dental practices run their entire business from revenue to property and customer data inside one system. Together with the team, Vaadin helped AXPM on creating a superb user experience and reducing unnecessary steps for the end-users.

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KemConnect is a platform for collecting, viewing and analyzing customer data from multiple sources in the chemicals industry. Vaadin integrated well with the rich ecosystems of other open source solutions and allowed Kemira to build their solution in a cost-efficient manner.

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FA Solutions

FA Platform is a modern web-based solution for investment managers allowing them to operate their business anytime, anywhere, and on any device. FA Solutions chose Vaadin because it enabled the team to focus on developing the business logic while the framework handled the rest.

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The framework of choice for forward thinking industry leaders

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