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Instead of spending valuable time on resolving issues by yourself, get in contact with Vaadin Experts to help you deliver an app that your users fall in love with.

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Expert chat

Answers to anything Vaadin related.

Development on demand

Summon an expert into your party.


If it's broken, we'll fix it.

Expert chat

Answers to anything Vaadin related

A direct channel to a Vaadin expert, at the click of a button. Ask anything from best practices to architectural advice or APIs, whenever you like and as often as you like.

  • Problem solving
  • Best practices
  • Architectural advice
  • API help

In our experience, Vaadin Support has worked perfectly. Every issue has been resolved and we are very pleased with the team's professional skills and response time.


Development on demand

Summon an expert into your party

We can help you in every stage of your development project. Starting your project with the right architecture and the right tools will give you a running start. Having an extra pair of hands to build custom components, enhance an add-on, develop a theme or just debug will spare your nerves. Designers and Vaadin experts joining your team will help your project succeed. All of this saves you time, so you can focus on building an app your customers fall in love with.

  • Debugging
  • Mentoring
  • Custom components
  • Performance testing
  • Project setup
  • Theme development
  • Prototyping
  • Add-on enhancement
  • Design steering
  • Architectural reviews

Vaadin support rocks! Working with them feels like an extension of our own team. They provide us with a flexible and scalable avenue to handle backlogs of work, as well as a reassuring backup for complex and critical tasks. During our relationship they have developed a good understanding of our own vision and their ability to interpret our requirements and suggest improvements on both a business and architectural level is much appreciated.


If it's broken, we'll fix it

Vaadin's warranty covers all Vaadin products, including Elements, Framework and all components & tools. Just flag a bug and we'll move it to the front of the queue and fix it in the next possible release so that the tools you trust, never slow you down.

  • Unlimited bug fixes
  • Queue priority

Through partnership with Vaadin we got access to the right people when we had questions.

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