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Automate UI testing with Vaadin TestBench

TestBench is a tool for implementing and automating browser-based and browser-less user interface tests for your Vaadin applications.
UI test your Vaadin apps

Write and run UI tests with ease

Vaadin TestBench is specifically designed for testing UIs in Vaadin apps with a clean, semantic syntax with Java developers in mind.

Find regressions before your users do

Vaadin TestBench is a tool for automating user interface testing and ensuring regressions get caught. Automate development-, integration- and acceptance testing. Build tests that catch everything from theme changes to database quirks. Maintain the test in Java and run them manually or in your CI environment.

Write your UI tests in Java

Vaadin TestBench is deeply integrated with Vaadin and this makes it very easy to add test automation to your existing projects. Vaadin specific selectors and API provide the most convenient testing environment for testing your applications.

  • Java clearness and ease of maintenance
  • Easy and straightforward setup with Vaadin
    public void testClickButton() throws Exception {
  // Click the first button with the given caption
  $(ButtonElement.class).caption("Click Me").first().click();

  // Check that there is exactly one label
  assertEquals(1, $(LabelElement.class).all().size());

  // Check label text
  assertEquals("Thank you for clicking",
With the requirements we have, Vaadin TestBench was a perfect fit for our needs. With it and the help we got from Vaadin, we were able to automate testing and even take test automation to new areas in our organisation.
Henrik Siiskonen
Henrik Siiskonen
Architect, If Insurance
Features Vaadin developers love

Why Vaadin TestBench is used by professionals

These are some of highlights why TestBench is right for your project.
Simulate users
Run full-stack browser based tests that simulate user interactions in real-time.
Headless testing
Run your tests without opening up a browser with headless mode.
Pixel perfect testing
Detect CSS styling regressions by analyzing pixels on the screen.
Static typing in tests
Tests are written in Java. Enjoy autocomplete and let compile-time checking to keep typos at bay.
Behavior-driven development
Combine TestBench with JBehave and build behavior-driven tests.
Parallel testing on a grid
Run tests simultaneously on different browsers and platforms.

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