Activating your trial licence 

You need a Vaadin account to activate the trial. If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to create one during the trial setup.

Student subscription

If you are a student, start your free Vaadin Pro student subscription, which provides you the same benefits for the full duration of your education.

MPR trial

Multiplatform Runtime (MPR) requires access to extended maintenance releases. Please contact us directly if you wish to evaluate MPR during your trial period.

Subscripitions for Vaadin 8 and before

Follow the license installation instructions for Vaadin 8 to install your license. The same instructions apply to Vaadin 7 as well.


1. Log in or sign up

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 16.20.08

2. Verify your email and name, if you created a new account

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 16.30.35

3. Your trial is now active

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 16.32.46

4. Next steps - how to proceed with tools and components

As soon as your trial starts, you can use all commercial tools and components in your project.

You may be asked to validate your Pro license for components and tools at runtime. This often happens if you switch browsers, or clear your cookies, after activating your Vaadin trial or license. Make sure that you are logged in to your account (with a valid active trial), and follow the on-screen prompts to validate your license.

To get started with your new Pro components and tool, visit our documentation:


Products included in the trial


Frame 15
Vaadin Designer
A drag and drop builder for Vaadin UIs. Available as an Ecliplse and IntelliJ IDEA plugin.
Subscription plan: Pro and up
Frame 28 (2)
Vaadin TestBench
A tool to run automated end-to-end tests for your Vaadin app.

Subscription plan: Pro and up

Frame 8-2
Vaadin Charts
Our comprehensive and beautiful charts library available as a single Vaadin Component.

Subscription plan: Pro and up
Frame 1-1
Commercial Vaadin Components
Including Board, Cookie Consent, CRUD, Grid Pro, Map, Rich Text Editor, and Spreadsheet for faster UI building.
Subscription plan: Pro and up
Frame 51 (2)-2
Vaadin Multiplatform Runtime
Run your Vaadin 7 or 8 app, views, or components inside a Vaadin 14 app, for phased migrations.
MPR requires access to extended maintenance releases. Please contact us if you wish to evaluate MPR.
Contact us

Subscription plan: Prime and up
Design System Publisher
Create a documentation site for your custom Vaadin-based design system.

Subscription plan: Prime and up
Frame 20
OSGi and Portlet support
Additional runtime environments.

Subscription plan: Prime and up
Classic Components
A set of UI components for easier upgrades from V7 and V8 to V23.

Subscription plan: Prime and up

Vaadin Trial FAQ

Do I need to provide a credit card to start a trial?

No. No credit card details are required to try Vaadin Pro. 

Are there any feature limitations during the trial?

No, you get full access to all features and components during your trial period. 

How do I upgrade my trial to a paid subscription?

Go to the Pricing page and select Buy for the subscription level of your choice.

I need more time to evaluate Vaadin for my project. Can I get an extension to the trial license? 

Yes. You will have an option to request a trial extension when your trial runs out - or contact us directly.

I previously had a trial for one product and would like to try another product, but my license has expired. Can I request a new trial?

No. The trial gives you access to all products at the same time. If you only use one product during your trial, it still counts as a trial of all products. 

If you need more time to evaluate all the products, reach out to us and we'll gladly help you.

How does the license check work? 

For all browser-based components, the license checker runs in the browser during development time. The license checker is not included in production builds. 

For TestBench and Multiplatform runtime, the license is checked at runtime on the server

Will my end users see license check warnings?

No, license warnings are only shown on localhost during development.

How can I see the status of my trial?

You can see the status of your trial by validating your license.

How can I remove the license from my computer?

If you need to remove or change a valid license for any reason, it is located in ~/.vaadin/proKey in UNIX systems and C:\Users\<username>\.vaadin\proKey in Windows.

I have more questions, where can I get an answer?

Please contact us with any further questions.