Sebastian Dietrich

Field for entering JSR354 (including both amount and currency)


Parity Theme

Team Parttio

A Goldman Sachs Design System inspired theme for Vaadin


Auto Form Filler

Armando Perea - NOAA Affiliate

AutoFormFiller is a Java-based web application that uses Vaadin components and OpenAI GPT-3.5 (or provided AI webservice call) to automatically fill out forms based on user prompts.

Gantt Flow Add-on

Tomi Virtanen

Gantt addon for Flow

TinyMCE for Flow

Team Parttio

TinyMCE wrapper for Vaadin Flow (Vaadin 10+)

Pdf Viewer

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Component for displaying PDF files in the browser

Flow Viritin

Matti Tahvonen

The commons library for Vaadin 10+. Uploads, downloads, Geolocation, forms, fieds, fluent API...

Input Mask Add-on

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Vaadin Flow integration of imaskjs library.

Declarative UI for Vaadin Flow

Patrick Schmidt

Declarative UI for Vaadin Flow

StarPass theme for Vaadin

Team Parttio

StarPass theme

Error Window Add-on

Flowing Code

This add-on allows to add a sub-window to inform that an error was caused by an exception.


Vaadin ComponentFactory

A simple Spinner component using Lumo loader styles


Vaadin Ltd

UIUnitTest for Vaadin 8


Johannes Goebel

Modern & interactive open-source charts for Vaadin Flow


Adam Belak

Wrap TinyMCE into Vaadin custom field

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