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  • Charts, Grid Pro and other Pro components
  • Commercial app starters
  • UI test automation tool
  • Drag-and-drop UI editor
  • Collaboration Engine
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Extended maintenance and comprehensive support for organizations


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* Annual billing. Price listed is for 5+ seats. See pricing for less than 5 seats.

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Are you considering Vaadin for your business app?

Behind the product is a 150-person team that focuses solely on helping you accelerate your development with Vaadin. Access the premium components and tools, enterprise-level support and Vaadin expert services.


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From Pro (and up) Vaadin subscriptions contain a set of powerful productivity tools.

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The vendor-backed open-source model provides the freedom of open source, with the stability of commercial software. Get the essential support package with a Prime subscription - or amp up and tailor it to your needs with the Enterprise.

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We've built business web applications since the year 2000 for all business verticals, from aerospace to insurance.

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Pricing FAQ


What is the license model for the Vaadin platform?

The core Vaadin framework and most of the components are free and open source under the Apache 2.0 license. The extended maintenance version of the Vaadin framework, Vaadin Designer, TestBench, Multiplatform Runtime, Charts, Spreadsheet, and other premium tools and components are licensed under the CVAL. The premium App Starters are licensed under the CVTL. Read more about Vaadin licenses at

Do Vaadin Pro and Prime include access to all current and upcoming versions of commercial components?

Yes, with Vaadin Pro and Prime subscriptions you get access to all current and upcoming commercial components.

Can I buy separate licenses for different tools?

We don't offer perpetual licenses for our features. You can use any feature that falls within the corresponding subscription tier.

How does the 10 years extended maintenance work?

Sometimes, migrating to newer Vaadin versions is not feasible, and it makes more sense to keep your business-critical app running on earlier versions. Prime (and higher) customers enjoy a 10-year extension to the official support period. For example, Vaadin 7 official support ended in Feb 2019, but with this extension, you have support until 2029.

See more details in the fact sheet.

How many licenses do I need?

All developers contributing to a project that uses any of the commercial products need to have a valid license.

In addition to the developer licenses, Collaboration Engine is also billed per the number of end-users. The subscriptions include a complementary end-user quota. See details on the Collaboration Engine pricing FAQ.

Talent acquisition assistance

We help you build the dream team for your project, by posting your job openings on our website where thousands of skilled developers around the globe can find them.

What is the price of Prime for less than 5 seats?

Prime subscription is also available for small teams. Pricing details are in the table below.


Prime seats Price / seat Total / year
5 and more (for 5 developers) (for 5 developers)
4 do not delete do not delete
3 do not delete do not delete
2 do not delete do not delete
1 do not delete do not delete


What is included in the Enterprise subscription?

Enterprise includes everything in Prime and, in addition, you can choose one or several optional features based on your needs.

What are packaged services?

Packaged services are the service offerings most favored by our consulting customers that we bundle together and make available to Enterprise customers. You can also use Expert on Demand hours to access these services. Currently, the available packaged services are Migration assessment, UX review, Design kickstart and Scalability assessment. Contact us for more about our consulting services.

What does the Vaadin Mentor service include?

With Vaadin Mentor you get a personal go-to Vaadin expert to help you on your journey with Vaadin. Think of your mentor as a senior developer who extends your team and can answer tricky questions about Vaadin and web development, either in person or via the communication tool of your choice. Vaadin Mentor steers you away from common pitfalls and can have a tremendous impact on your team's productivity and quality.

What is indemnification?

Enterprise customers receive additional protection against possible copyright or intellectual property right (IPR) claims related to any project that uses Vaadin. Indemnification options can be customized to suit an organization or project.

What is a customized agreement?

You have the option to tailor the agreements that best suit your needs.

What is escrow service?

Vaadin offers third-party escrow services if your company policy requires you to use them for continuity purposes. In practice, we can store the required source code in an escrow service and make this available to you. In this way, if something unforeseen happens, you can continue developing based on the stored source code. The service is optional and available for Enterprise subscribers.