Vaadin releases

You can find links to the release contents of current and previous Vaadin platform versions and the latest versions of the platform tools on this page.

Vaadin 18

Vaadin 18 is the latest stable version in the non-LTS release channel. It's an incremental step towards the next LTS version. We recommend this version for early adopters who are eager to explore the new features and want to have a say in the product's future direction.

The latest version is 18.0.6, published on Feb 15, 2021.

Release highlights.

Vaadin 14 LTS

Vaadin 14 is the latest long term support (LTS) version. We support LTS versions for five years for free and for 15 years commercially. All fixes are done to the latest released version. We recommended this version for most users who are building production applications. For applications that require great IE11 support, we recommend Vaadin 8.

The latest LTS version is 14.4.8, published on Feb 23, 2021.

Release highlights.

Vaadin Designer

Vaadin Designer is a visual tool for building application views with a drag-and-drop editor

The latest version is 4.6.2, published on Jan 16, 2021.

See release notes in GitHub.

Learn more about Designer.

Vaadin Collaboration Engine

The latest version is 3.0.1, published on Feb 04, 2021.

See release notes in GitHub.

Learn more about Collaboration Engine.

Supported older versions

Vaadin 7

Free support for Vaadin 7 ended in February 2019. Extended support continues for Vaadin Prime subscription customers up until 2029. The latest LTS version is 7.7.24, published on Feb 11, 2021.

Learn more about the extended maintenance.

Vaadin 8

Vaadin 8 is the previous generation of our framework and is based on Google Web Toolkit. It still powers a lot of business web apps in production and active development. The open-source version of Vaadin 8 is maintained until the end of February 2022, and the extended maintenance continues until 2032.

The latest version is 8.12.3.

Vaadin 10

The first LTS version with the current generation of web components based front-end stack. The first stable release was on Jun 25, 2018. The open-source version is supported until Jun 25, 2023. The extended maintenance continues until Jun 25, 2033. See release notes for 10.0.0 or the latest Vaadin 10 version 10.0.18.

Deprecated versions

Vaadin 17

The first stable release was on Sep 2, 2020. See release highlights.

Vaadin 16

The first stable release was on Jun 3, 2020. It included support for right-to-left languages. See release highlights.

Vaadin 15

The first stable release was on Mar 4, 2020. Vaadin 15 included the first features from supporting building client-side views with TypeScript and Java plus a faster build with pnpm. See release highlights.

Vaadin 13

The first stable release was on Mar 6, 2019. This release included ten new components and more component enhancements, context-menu support, keyboard shortcuts, and dynamic route registration. See release highlights.

Vaadin 12

The first stable release was on Dec 5, 2018. Vaadin 12 introduced dozens of new components and component improvements, a new Material theme, PWA support, and Multi-platform Runtime. See release highlights.

Vaadin 11

The first stable release was on Sep 5, 2018. Version 11.0 introduced the initial support for Gradle projects, a couple of new components, and a new Vaadin Charts version. See release notes in GitHub.