Vaadin 24.4: Introducing the code-first AI-powered UI editor and React seamlessly integrated into the Vaadin platform

How to implement responsive web design in Java

Building responsive web design in pure Java.

Responsive design aims to improve the usability of your app on different devices and varying window sizes. Many consider responsive web design to be a task dedicated to CSS magicians. With Vaadin, the same end result can also be accomplished in pure Java. In fact, you can achieve much more than what is possible with plain CSS.

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Join us at Vaadin Create conference—the tech conference for developers using the Vaadin platform!

Announcing Vaadin Create conference 2024: Secure your early-bird ticket

Developers, mark your calendars for October 29-30, 2024 – Vaadin Create is back! Join us at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany, to learn from top Vaadin experts, dive into the latest updates in our full-stack platform, including Vaadin Flow and Hilla frameworks, and connect with an ...
Learn the six ways to get started with a Vaadin project quickly.

Six ways to quickly get started with your next Vaadin project

Starting a new project with an unfamiliar framework can be daunting. The steep learning curve involves mastering new syntax and concepts, often slowing initial progress. Troubleshooting can become a solo endeavor due to limited documentation and community support, and integrating the framework with ...
File-Based Routing in Vaadin 24.4: Simplify Hilla App Creation

Introducing file-based routing in Vaadin 24.4: Simplify Hilla app creation

With the release of Vaadin 24.4, developers building Hilla applications now have access to a powerful new feature: file-based routing. This enhancement streamlines the process of adding new views and configuring view properties directly within your React components. In this blog post, we'll explore ...
Explore top ways for creating grid layouts in Vaadin Flow, including add-ons, HTML tables, Bootstrap-like solutions, and CSS Grid for optimal performance.

Five methods to create grid layouts with Vaadin Flow

Vaadin ships with a powerful Grid component to display tabular data but is missing a built-in component for grid layouts. In theory, you could use the API in the data grid to lay out components, but this quickly leads to suboptimal performance, and the API is not designed for generic layouts. If ...
Modernize legacy Java apps with Vaadin to enhance functionality, security, and user experience. Download

The path to successful application modernization

Legacy applications can present serious obstacles to agility and innovation. Application modernization is the way forward, but migrating legacy applications isn't always straightforward. The right strategy and tools make all the difference. Many customers rely on Vaadin's expertise to modernize ...
Discover the key features of a great modern business web application

What makes a great business application?

I'm certain you have an intuitive sense of what makes a great business application and can probably name some great apps when you think about it. However, it might be hard to put into words how you can identify one. I'm also confident that you can quickly think of a lousy business application – ...
Building AI-Powered Java Applications

Building AI-Powered Java Applications

In the past few months, I've spoken about building AI-powered Java apps at tens of events around the world. What I’ve seen is that Java developers are curious and eager to learn, but AI can seem like a big and daunting new area to get into. Most of us have demanding jobs that occupy our time, and ...
Meet Vaadin Copilot - Your AI Assistant for UI Development

Introducing Vaadin Copilot – Your AI assistant for UI development

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Vaadin Copilot, an AI-enhanced visual UI editor designed for developers by developers. Vaadin Copilot aims to transform how we approach UI development by providing a seamless integration between coding and visual editing. Starting with the Vaadin 24.4 ...
Trimmed-down Vaadin Flow setup for V24.4

Streamlined Vaadin Flow setup for V24.4

Vaadin 24.4 was a feature release mostly focused on improving React (and Hilla) interoperability and introducing Vaadin Copilot, the new AI-powered development mode widget. However, there are also a couple of quite nice improvements for pure Java developers. Even if none of those interests you, ...