Using Quarkus With Vaadin

Quarkus is an open source, Kubernetes-native Java framework made for Java virtual machines and native compilation. It optimizes Java specifically for containers, enabling it to become an effective platform for serverless, cloud, and Kubernetes environments. See for more information about Quarkus.

Starting a Project

For starting a new project with Quarkus and Vaadin, you can get a project base for from Quarkus base starter. It is a project template with the necessary configuration and dependencies included for starting to build your own application.

This starter is also available with Gradle configuration in the Gradle branch.

Adding Dependencies

To be able to run Quarkus, you need to have the vaadin-quarkus and vaadin-jandex Maven dependencies in the project, as well as configure the quarkus-maven-plugin.

For example:

        <!-- Quarkus Platform BOM to keep the project
             artifacts in synch with the quarkus.version -->
        <!-- Vaadin Platform BOM -->

    <!-- The Vaadin Quarkus extension -->
        <!-- NOTE: this will come from vaadin-bom when final released -->

    <!-- This jandex dependency contains Vaadin-core annotation indexes
         and is used as an offline reflection library. -->

    <!-- Quarkus always pulls in slf4j-jboss-logmanager
         into target/lib; don't use slf4j-simple -->

        <!-- For indepth information on quarkus-maven-plugin
             see -->
                        <!-- Builds the Quarkus application -->
                        <!-- in these goals the Quarkus application bootstrap
                             is initialized and re-used in the build goal -->

The Quarkus application can then be started in development mode using the quarkus:dev goal in Maven.

$ mvn package quarkus:dev

Open localhost:8080 in the browser.

Vaadin CDI Features

Quarkus’ dependency injection solution is based on CDI, so it is possible to use all CDI features.

See the documentation for Vaadin CDI features:

Vaadin Add-Ons in Quarkus Applications

Any Vaadin add-on used in a Quarkus application should contain a Jandex index. You can generate it using the jandex-maven-plugin. See How to Generate a Jandex Index.

If you cannot modify the dependency, you can still get Quarkus to index it by adding quarkus.index-dependency entries to your

quarkus.index-dependency.<name>.classifier=(this one is optional)


WebSockets Push does not currently work in the Vaadin extension for Quarkus. As a consequence, Live Reload functionality is not available.