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Get the Application Up and Running

Adding the Route to the Main View

We previously created a main-view design with a companion Java file. Now we need to make the view accessible by adding the @Route annotation to the companion Java file.

  1. Expand the src/main/java/com.example.application package and open

  2. Add the @Route("") annotation at the beginning of the MainView class.

Your MainView class should now look like this:

public class MainView extends LitTemplate {

    public MainView() {


The @Route annotation maps http://localhost:8080/ to MainView.

Running the Project

Next, we run the project to see what the new layout looks like.

The easiest way to run the project for the first time is to:

  1. Open the Application Java class in src/main/java/com/example/application/

  2. Click the green play button next to the line which starts with public class Application.

This starts the application and automatically adds a run configuration for it in IntelliJ IDEA. Later, when you want to run or restart the application, you can build, run/restart, stop and debug the application from the toolbar:

When the build is finished and the application is running. Open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser to see the result.

The application running in the browser.

Proceed to the next chapter to connect your views to Java: Connecting your Main View to Java.