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Deploying a Hilla Application to Google Cloud

Learn how to deploy your Hilla application to Google Cloud.

This tutorial shows you how to deploy a Hilla application to Google Cloud App Engine. Google Cloud has free-trial and free-tier offerings that you can read more about on the Google Cloud website.

Google Cloud account required
To complete this tutorial, you need to sign up for a Google Cloud account at Your Google Cloud account should also have billing enabled.

Step 1: Install and Set Up the Google Cloud SDK

To begin, download and install the Google Cloud SDK.

After it’s installed, run the following command from a terminal window to add App Engine support for Java to the SDK.

gcloud components install app-engine-java

Step 2: Download a Starter App

Download a minimal Hilla project and unpack the downloaded zip into a folder on your computer.

npx @hilla/cli init my-app

Step 3: Initialize a Google Cloud Project

Open the project directory from a terminal window, and enter the following command to initialize a Google Cloud Project:

gcloud init

If this is your first time running Google SDK, you will be asked to authenticate your account. When prompted to log in, enter Y and allow the SDK to control your account in the opened browser window.

After authentication, you will prompted to select a configuration. Enter 1 to select the default configuration, as in the following snippet:

Settings from your current configuration [default] are:
  screen_reader: 'False'
  disable_usage_reporting: 'True'

Pick configuration to use:
 [1] Re-initialize this configuration [default] with new settings
 [2] Create a new configuration
Please enter your numeric choice:  1

Step 4: Create an App Engine Instance

From a terminal window, in the project root directory, create a Google App Engine instance using the following command:

gcloud app create

You will then be asked to select a region. You may want to choose the region that’s geographically closest to your users.

Step 5: Create a Production Build

Open the project directory from a terminal window, and enter the following command to generate a JAR file of your application:

mvn package -Pproduction

Step 6: Deploy the Application

From a terminal window, in the project root directory, enter the following command to deploy the application to Google Cloud:

gcloud app deploy target/myapp-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

When the deployment has finished, the application URL will be displayed in the logs.

Ensure that Google Cloud billing is enabled
If the deployment fails with an error similar to ERROR: ( Error Response: [7] Access Not Configured., ensure that your Google Cloud account has billing enabled. When it’s enabled, try the deployment again.