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Configuring Kubernetes Kit

Configuration options for Kubernetes Kit.

Packages Inspected during Serialization

When a session is serialized, Kubernetes Kit inspects classes for transient fields that can be injected during deserialization (see session replication).

Kubernetes Kit provides two properties to limit the packages to be inspected. The include-package property defines all of the packages that should be inspected. If this is undefined, all packages are assessed. For this reason, it’s recommended that you specify the top-level package for your application in the include-packages property.

The exclude-package property lists packages that should not be assessed.


Hazelcast for Session Replication

The service-name property defines the name of the Hazelcast service deployment within a cluster.

The optional namespace property is used when the Hazelcast service is deployed in a namespace other than default.


Redis for Session Replication

This property defines the name of the Redis service deployment within a cluster. redis-service