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A server-side Java endpoint is a backend method that’s exposed for calling from client-side TypeScript code.
Reactive Endpoints
Reactive endpoints allow you to stream data to the client without the traditional HTTP request-response pattern.
Client Middleware
In Hilla, middleware intercepts the request and response for every call, so it’s able to process requests and their responses.
How to implement routing in Hilla React applications.
Data Grids
Quickly create data grids using the Auto Grid feature.
Client-Side Data Caching
Understanding when and how to cache client-side data.
How to add CSS styles to views and React components in Hilla applications.
The best practices for securing applications, configuring security, authentication and role-based access control for views.
How to test views in Hilla applications.
Deploying to Production
React for Java Developers
How React differs from Java, and how it’s used in Vaadin.
Flow Integration
Integrating Flow components in Hilla views.
Upgrading Guide