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Vaadin Start

An example project built with the Vaadin Start online interface

The Vaadin Start online interface allows you to configure and download the core of a functional Vaadin project. At a minimum, you can then use that project as a starting point to create your own Vaadin application. Even more so, it allows you easily to do several fundamental things.

Add Views

First, Vaadin Start allows you to add several views to an application. You can select the initial content of each view from a list of more than fifteen templates. For example, you can include views based on the Master-Detail template, which can be used to manage an entity’s data.

Vaadin Start UI
Master-Detail Template

Login & Access Control

You can also set up security and configure access control. A login view is added automatically for you if you configure one or more views to require a logged-in user.

Vaadin Start UI
View Access Control Setup

Customize Theme

Vaadin Start lets you easily change the look and feel of the application. Specifically, you can adjust the application’s colors, typography, style, sizing, and spacing.

Vaadin Start UI
Theme Customization

Technical Configuration

Plus, you can add helpful project settings. For example, you can generate the deployment files for Docker and Kubernetes, or you can select between H2 and PostgreSQL as the database to use for the project.

Vaadin Start UI with the Download Project dialog open
Download Project Dialog

Hello World Projects

If you want a simplified project template to start with, without adding and configuring any views, you can configure and download a “Hello World” starter from the landing page of Vaadin Start.

The configuration options for Hello World starters
Hello World Starters