Meet Vaadin 21!

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We’re happy to announce our latest feature release: Vaadin 21. The new release brings Spring Security helpers to Flow, new features and updates to components, a nullable type definition for Fusion, and more!

Vaadin Start

Get started with Vaadin Start

Vaadin Start is an online configurator for generating Vaadin web apps, fast. You can choose between Vaadin Flow (if you prefer Java) and Vaadin Fusion (if you prefer TypeScript), but don’t worry about making the wrong choice; the frameworks are interoperable and can be used independently or ...
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Say Hello to Vaadin 20!

Our latest feature release, Vaadin 20, is finally here. V20 brings both new features and updates, including official Gradle support, Spring Security Helpers and TypeScript type event definitions for 15 more components since Vaadin 19. Vaadin 20 contains frameworks, tools and components. You can see ...
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What's the Vaadin CLI?

The Vaadin command line interface (CLI) is a fast way to create a new Vaadin Flow or Fusion project directly from your local terminal. Vaadin CLI is experimental and free to use. Prerequisites: you need to have Node.js installed. Go to the Node.js download page to install it on your development ...
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Vaadin Security Updates

You might have been wondering about the increased number of security-related emails in your inbox. Our newly appointed security team has been performing internal code reviews, especially on the build-time tooling, and found a bunch of less-critical vulnerabilities. We are also now a CVE numbering ...
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Implement Chat for your Flow app

Users can now chat with each other, in real time, with the latest Collaboration Engine (CE) update. The current roster of CE features enables users to see each other, work together without experiencing save conflicts and with the latest additions, and engage in discussion. CE, including chat, is ...
Framework comparison tool

Try our updated framework comparison tool

Are you evaluating UI framework options for your web app project? Our framework comparison tool, now updated for 2021, can help you make an informed choice. You can use the tool to compare both Vaadin Flow and Vaadin Fusion with Angular, React and the new addition, Vue, in deeper detail than ...
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Expert Tips for New Java Developers

Even the best were beginners once: We asked long-time Java experts to share their experience and tips to find out what they wish they had known before beginning their Java careers. With Java having been in business for over 25 years now, let’s hear what the professionals had to say. You can find ...
Webinar with Justin Fagnani

LitElement 3.0 and lit-html 2.0 webinar with Justin Fagnani

Justin Fagnani, Google software engineer, and creator of lit-html, joined us for a Vaadin webinar in which he presented the new and exciting releases of LitElement 3.0 and lit-html 2.0. You can find the full recorded webinar on Youtube or continue reading for a written summary. Thank you Justin ...
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Java for front-end development in 2021

Vaadin has enabled Java development teams to build full-stack applications, 100% in Java, for over 20 years. With an extensive web component library, powerful abstraction capabilities, the new Collaboration Engine (for real-time collaboration) and Vaadin Fusion (for TypeScript support), Vaadin is ...