Vaadin Classic Components

A set of UI components for easier upgrades from V7 and V8 to V24. Included in Prime and Enterprise subscriptions.

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What are they?

Classic Components

While most components in recent Vaadin versions have the same names as their corresponding in V7 and V8 components, they are completely new implementations that differ significantly in terms of API features and structure. This complicates upgrades into V24 as developers need to account for these differences.

The Classic Components pack solves the issue by providing a modern counterpart to components like VerticalLayout and HorizontalLayout that closely mimic the API, the behavior and the DOM structure of their V7 and V8 counterparts.

Included components

HorizontalLayout and VerticalLayout

VerticalLayout and HorizontalLayout are ordered layouts for laying components out either vertically or horizontally, respectively.


A single-component container with a frame around the content. It has an optional caption and an icon which are handled by the panel itself, not its containing layout.


A component that displays non-editable text. The text can be used for short simple labels or for displaying long text, such as paragraphs.  


A container that lays components out on a grid consisting of rows and columns.


FormLayout lays the components and their captions out in two columns, with optional indicators for required fields and errors that can be shown for each field.


AbsoluteLayout is layout implementation that mimics HTML absolute positioning.



How do I access the Classic Components?

The Classic Components are licensed under the Vaadin Commercial License and Service Terms and part of the Prime and Enterprise subscriptions. You will be asked to validate your license or start a trial period when you start using them.


Which Vaadin version supports the Classic Components?

The components are built and tested for the latest Vaadin versions of V23 and V24. 


How do I try the Classic Components in V24?

1. Get a V24 starter from

2. Add the Classic Components dependency to pom.xml

<!-| other dependencies -->

3. Start using them. More details in the documentation.


I’m already using Vaadin Flow. Should I use the Classic Components in Vaadin 24?

The Classic Components are specifically meant for developers who are modernizing their V8 application(s). If you are already a Vaadin Flow user with no V8 applications then you would probably not use the Classic Components unless you were looking for a specific feature like AbsoluteLayout, GridLayout or Label.


Do I need to stop using the Classic Components eventually…?

No, you can use the Classic Components as long as you are a Prime or Enterprise subscriber.


Is the styling the same as for the original V8 components?

No, their styling is based on the Lumo theme to fit in with the standard Flow components. To ease backward compatibility, a limited number of Valo constants have also been added.


Are the Components available for Hilla?

No, the components are for Vaadin Flow and they have only Java APIs.

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Ready to modernize with the Classic Components?

The Classic components are included in Prime and Enterprise subscriptions. View our pricing page for details or contact us for a demonstration.