Community Cloud

Do you have an awesome Vaadin application you'd love to show, but have nowhere to host it? The community cloud is perfect for you.

With the help of Jelastic and ServInt, we're able to provide every member with a free and dead easy to use virtual server, perfect to showcase what you've done with Vaadin.

Should you need more power than the free trial account gives you, it's very easy to upgrade your account to suit all your needs.

Free hosting? – Yes please!

You need to be logged in with your account to be able to register yourself a free trial account on Jelastic.


1GB of HDD space

Tomcat or Jetty (you choose)

Various databases to choose from


Your own subdomain

Free of charge and trial doesn't expire


Only for Vaadin demo apps

Shared IP


Anything inappropriate will be taken down

These limitations apply to the trial account, not if you upgrade your account.

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ServInt has 18 years of experience in hosting thousands of online businesses in more than 130 countries. With a historical track record of 99.99953% uptime, there's no need to worry whether your services remain online or not.

ServInt is a Jelastic partner, and provides quality servers for the Jelastic platform.

Check out their website at

Jelastic is a cloud hosting platform that excels in ease of use. All aspects of your servers are controlled easily via a very nice web interface.

Each server can be configured in a lot of different ways, from the amount of nodes, to the server and database of your choosing all the way to whether you want a public IP or not.

More information about Jelastic can be found at