Full stack starter

Full Stack Starter

Built for Vaadin Framework and Spring

The full stack starter is a fully functional and tested full stack application built with Vaadin 8 and Spring. It includes the best practices for all layers when building a business grade web application with Vaadin. A comfortable and reassuring head start for any commercial project.  

Full stack architecture

The full stack starter application is a web based system for running an imaginary bakery cafe. It has a UI layer built with Vaadin Framework 8 that integrates to the backend with Spring. Views connect to a service layer that is divided into several services. Repositories are used to connect to the database.  

The application uses an H2 in-memory database by default and can be changed to any database supported by Spring. The database layer uses Spring Data, JPA and Hibernate to fetch data, with a handy API for querying. 

Frameworks and tools used by the Bakery application:

  • Maven
  • Vaadin Framework 8
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Data
  • Spring Security
  • Vaadin Designer
  • Vaadin TestBench
  • Vaadin Charts
  • Vaadin Board
  • ConfirmDialog add-on
  • Vaadin4Spring add-on
  • Spring Data Provider add-on


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Bakery App Starter for Vaadin Framework 8 and Spring Architecture
Declarative mobile-first views

All views are built responsively and mobile-first with Vaadin Designer. Existing views act as an excellent reference point, introducing common patterns and paradigms for creating different types of views. This enables you to create your own views visually, with best practices and great productivity. 

CRUD views

The most common use case in any web application is to create Master-Detail views, as well as CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) views. The application includes two examples of CRUD views for maintaining your data; one being a simple Grid together with a form, and the other being an advanced form for creating new entities.

Dashboard with Vaadin Charts

The starting screen is a business dashboard built with Vaadin Charts. With this view you can provide an overview of your data to the user in one glance and pinpoint the activities that require their attention. By customizing the application and the dashboard view you can provide a professional and user friendly experience for your users. Vaadin Board is used in layouting the dashboard to ensure a good responsive behavior.

Authentication and authorization

The application provides a login view for multiple roles that integrates to Spring Security. This gives you a good deal of extension points, for modifying the authentication and authorization for your needs and environment.

Tested and scalable

The application comes with integration tests built with Vaadin TestBench, as well as a scalability testing setup built with Gatling. By following these examples, it is easy for you to continue a test-driven development style and ensure quality from day one. The scalability of the app is tested and a scalability report is available for download. 


Download scalability report

Get started

Simply enter your own metadata for your application and click generate. You'll receive a zip-package containing the full stack starter application.

Please note: this full stack starter uses Vaadin Charts, Vaadin TestBench, Vaadin Board and Vaadin Designer. Before you can run your application, you need to install licenses for all of these products. Please get your license keys from your license page and follow the license installation instructions


Commercial license

A paid Pro or Prime subscription is required for creating a new software project from this Full Stack Starter. After its creation, results can be used, developed and distributed freely, but licenses for the used commercial components are required during development. The Starter or its parts cannot be redistributed as a code example or template. For full terms, see Commercial Vaadin Template License.

Latest releases

29th Jun 2017 Bakery App Starter, 1st version


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