List Box allows the user to select one or more values from a scrollable list of items.

<vaadin-list-box multiple .selectedValues="${[0, 2]}">
  <vaadin-item>Show assignee</vaadin-item>
  <vaadin-item>Show due date</vaadin-item>
  <vaadin-item>Show status</vaadin-item>

Although functionally similar to Checkbox Group and Radio Button Group, List Box is designed to be used as a lightweight scrollable selection list rather than a form input field.


You can use dividers to group related items. Use them sparingly to avoid creating unnecessary visual clutter.

<vaadin-list-box multiple .selectedValues="${[0, 2, 3]}">
  <vaadin-item>Show assignee</vaadin-item>
  <vaadin-item>Show due date</vaadin-item>
  <vaadin-item>Show status</vaadin-item>
  <hr />
  <vaadin-item>Show thumbnail</vaadin-item>
  <vaadin-item>Show preview</vaadin-item>

Disabled Items

Disable items to show that they are unavailable for selection at the moment.

<vaadin-list-box selected="0">
  <vaadin-item>In progress (2)</vaadin-item>
  <vaadin-item>Done (4)</vaadin-item>
  <vaadin-item disabled>Cancelled (0)</vaadin-item>

Some assistive technologies do not announce disabled items.


List Box supports both single and multiple selection. The former allows the user to select only one item while the latter enables multiple items to be selected.


<vaadin-list-box selected="0">
  <vaadin-item>In progress</vaadin-item>


<vaadin-list-box multiple .selectedValues="${[0, 3]}" style="height: 200px">
    (person) => html` <vaadin-item> ${person.firstName} ${person.lastName} </vaadin-item> `

Custom Item Presentation

Items can be rendered with rich content instead of plain text. This can be useful to provide additional information in a more legible fashion than appending it to the item text.

<vaadin-list-box multiple .selectedValues="${[0, 2]}">
    (person) => html`
      <vaadin-item style="line-height: var(--lumo-line-height-m);">
        <vaadin-horizontal-layout style="align-items: center;" theme="spacing">
            .name="${`${person.firstName} ${person.lastName}`}"
            <span> ${person.firstName} ${person.lastName} </span>
              style="color: var(--lumo-secondary-text-color); font-size: var(--lumo-font-size-s);"

Best Practices

List Box is not designed to be used as an input field in forms, and lacks features like label, helper, and validation errors. See related components below for better options for use in forms. List Box is best suited to be used as a lightweight, scrollable, single-column list for single or multi-selection of items.

ComponentUsage recommendations

Checkbox Group

Input field for selecting multiple options from a list.

Combo Box

Select a value from a filterable overlay. Appropriate for large sets of options. Supports lazy loading and entry of custom values.

Radio Button Group

Select a single option from a list. Optimal accessibility, as all options are visible without any user action.


Input field for selecting a value from a overlay. More compact than a Radio Button Group.


A more advanced list component for cases where multiple columns, filtering or lazy loading is required.