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Observability Kit Integrations

Observability Kit can be used with any vendor that natively supports the OpenTelemetry standard.

Vaadin tests and supports the following vendors:

Datadog is a commercial service for collecting and viewing telemetry data, with support for metrics, traces, and limited support for logs. Learn how to use Datadog together with Observability Kit.
Grafana is an observability stack with support for metrics, traces, and logs. It can be self-hosted, in addition to using the commercial managed hosting. Learn how to use Grafana together with Observability Kit.
Jaeger and Prometheus
Instructions how to set up local Jaeger and Prometheus, a simple local setup that can be used for testing with support for metrics and traces, that collect telemetry from a Vaadin application with Observability Kit.
New Relic
New Relic is an observability SaaS platform with support for metrics, traces, and logs. Learn how to use New Relic together with Observability Kit.

For other vendors, you can use the OpenTelemetry collector with a service-specific exporter to forward the telemetry data.

Local Development and Testing

For development-time testing locally, you should use Jaeger and Prometheus, or Grafana:

  • Jaeger and Prometheus can be downloaded, and run stand-alone without any further dependencies. Jaeger is used to process traces and Prometheus to process metrics. This setup has the downside that it doesn’t support logs, and data is viewed from two different tools.

  • The Grafana setup requires Docker and docker-compose to be installed. This setup has the benefit that it supports logs and all data is viewable from a single tool.

Support for Other Libraries and Frameworks

Since Observability Kit is based on the OpenTelemetry Java agent, it also includes many non-Vaadin-specific instrumentation that can be helpful in monitoring an application. For example, it can include database requests using the JPA API, or outgoing HTTP requests.

List of libraries and frameworks supported by the OpenTelemetry Java agent.