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Vaadin 8 reached End of Life on February 21, 2022. Discover how to make your Vaadin 8 app futureproof →


You can develop Vaadin applications in essentially any development environment that has the Java SDK and deploys to a Java Servlet container. You can use Vaadin with any Java IDE or no IDE at all. Vaadin has special support for the Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs, as well as for IntelliJ IDEA.

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Vaadin installation steps

Managing Vaadin and other Java libraries can get tedious to do manually, so using a build system that manages dependencies automatically is adviced. Vaadin is distributed in the Maven central repository, and can be used with any build or dependency management system that can access Maven repositories, such as Ivy or Gradle, in addition to Maven.

Vaadin has a multitude of installation options for different IDEs and dependency managers. You can also install it from an installation package: