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Installing the NetBeans IDE and Plugin

The Vaadin Plug-in for NetBeans supports creating Vaadin projects, updating Vaadin libraries, compiling widget sets, and more. It also allows directly downloading Vaadin add-ons from the Vaadin Directory.

installation netbeans hi
Installation of the NetBeans IDE toolchain

The installation bundle includes a web server, so you do not need that.

Once done with the installation, you can proceed to create a Vaadin project, as described in "Creating a Project with the NetBeans IDE".

Installing the NetBeans IDE

Download NetBeans IDE from the website at We recommend using the Java EE download bundle, which includes support for Java EE, and also both the GlassFish and Tomcat application servers.

  1. Run the installer

    1. In OS X and Linux:

      $ sh netbeans-<version>.sh
  2. Select to install either GlassFish or Apache Tomcat, or both. GlassFish supports Java EE, which is required by Vaadin CDI and Vaadin Spring add-ons, while standard Tomcat does not support it. Click Next.

    installing netbeans 1
  3. If you accept the license, click Next.

  4. Choose installation folder and Java SDK.

    installing netbeans 3

    In OS X and Linux, if you ran the installer with root permissions or can write to /opt, the /opt path is standard for such system-wide packages.

    Click Next.

  5. Choose the folder for installing the server.

    installing netbeans 4
  6. Check the settings.

    installing netbeans 5

    Click Finish. It takes a while to install the NetBeans IDE.

  7. Finally, click Done to exit the installer.

You can now start NetBeans by starting the bin/netbeans from under the installation folder.

In Linux and OS X:

$ /opt/netbeans-8.1/bin/netbeans

You can now proceed to install the Vaadin Plug-in for NetBeans IDE.

Installing the Vaadin Plug-in for NetBeans IDE

You can install the plug-in from the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center as follows.

  1. Select Tools  Plugins from the NetBeans main menu.

  2. Select the Available Plugins tab.

    1. Type "Vaadin" in the Search box and press Enter.

    2. Select the Install check box for the Vaadin Plugin for NetBeans.

      installing netbeans plugin 1
    3. Click Install.

  3. In the plugin installation window, click Next.

  4. Accept the license if choose to do so. Click Install.

  5. The Vaadin Plugin is not signed, so you need to verify the certificate. Click Continue.

  6. In the final step, select Restart IDE now and click Finish.

You can now proceed to create a Vaadin project, as described in "Creating a Project with the NetBeans IDE".

The Vaadin Plug-in for NetBeans IDE can also be downloaded from the plug-in page at