CVAL license installation instructions

Installing a license key

To install the product license key, follow these instructions:

On your developer machine(s): Create a license file in your home directory

This is the main method of installing your personal license keys.

Create a file in your home directory containing the license key. See this table for the filename per product:


License file in home directory

Vaadin Charts


Vaadin TestBench


Vaadin Touchkit


Vaadin Spreadsheet


Vaadin Designer

(Optionally you may enter your license key in Eclipse when prompted.)

The file(s) should contain only the license key, nothing else. You may optionally name the files starting with a dot (e.g. .vaadin.charts.developer.license), which will cause the file to be hidden on Unix based systems like Mac OS X and Linux.

Option for your CI server(s): Set the system property

This is an easy way to have the license available when starting the build if you cannot install the license file on your CI server(s). You can set the relevant system property by using the -D parameter for the java command:



Setting the system property via command line

Vaadin Charts

java -Dvaadin.charts.developer.license=LICENSE_CODE_HERE

Vaadin TestBench

java -Dvaadin.testbench.developer.license=LICENSE_CODE_HERE

Vaadin Touchkit

java -Dvaadin.touchkit.developer.license=LICENSE_CODE_HERE

Vaadin Spreadsheet

java -Dvaadin.spreadsheet.developer.license=LICENSE_CODE_HERE

Note! Charts, TouchKit and Spreadsheet all need the license key to be available for the widget set compile process, so please ensure that it is passed on to the correct process in case you compile using Ant or similar. TestBench needs the license to be present (as a file or system property) when executing tests, before the tests themselves are instantiated.

Network proxy setup in Java

Network access from the development machine is needed. If you are behind a proxy server, see these instructions for how to configure the proxy settings for the Java Virtual Machine: