See the new new component docs (under construction) for V19 and TypeScript samples.


This component is included in Vaadin Pro and Prime subscriptions. There is a free 14-day trial available.

Installation instructions for Java

You can create a Java starter project using the start page if you do not already have a project.

The simplest way to include Vaadin components in your Maven project is to first import the vaadin-bom in your build pom.xml.

1. Import the vaadin-bom


2. Include the dependency

All the Vaadin components are available with a single dependency using the version number specified in the vaadin-bom.


Alternatively, you can include the component as a separate dependency.


To use the Web Component in a client-side project, see npm instructions.

Example usage

Once installed, you can use this in your application as e.g.

Board board = new Board();

Div child1 = new Div(); child1.setText("This could be chart 1");
Div child2 = new Div(); child2.setText("This could be chart 2");
Div child3 = new Div(); child3.setText("This could be chart 3");
Div child4 = new Div(); child4.setText("This could be chart 4");

board.addRow(child1, child2, child3, child4);

For more examples, see the Java examples.