Documentation versions (currently viewingVaadin 23)
New Acceleration Kits: Observability Kit, SSO Kit, and Swing Kit. Read the blog post.


Instructions on how to configure your application and development environment.
Vaadin applications have configuration properties that change their behavior.
Installing and using Node.js locally and in CI servers.
Configuring the front-end package manager.
Live Reload
Learn how to put live reload into use. Live reload automatically applies source code changes, instead of having manually to restart the server and refresh the browser.
Configuring your application as a Progressive Web Application.
All the ways how to configure the Vaadin Maven plugin.
Source Control
Track and manage changes to the source code in a Vaadin project.
How commercial product license validation works, and how to get and use license keys.
Feature Flags
Feature flags is a mechanism that allows you to enable and test experimental features. You can also temporarily switch back to legacy and deprecated behaviors, to have time to migrate away from them, until they’re removed.