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Top 25 Vaadin add-ons of 2020

Luis Lundstedt
Luis Lundstedt
On Jan 25, 2021 9:48:24 PM

The Vaadin Directory serves as a marketplace for add-ons and web components for your Vaadin applications. It’s a community-driven effort that includes integrations of other components, modifications to existing Vaadin components, or creations of additional features from scratch that are maintained by the authors. 

If you’d like to know how to integrate an existing web component into your Vaadin app, check out our documentation. To find additional web components, go to, and follow JC’s instructions on how to choose your JavaScript library.

As people are usually interested in knowing the popularity of the Directory add-ons, we decided to share the list of the 25 most-downloaded add-ons of 2020. These are based on user install copy actions in and don’t include projects created elsewhere, such as Maven, GitHub clones, etc.

  1. File Download Wrapper [V14+] by Olli Tietäväinen

  2. Multiselect Combo Box [V14+] by Goran Atanasovski

  3. Grid Pagination [V14+] by Klaudeta Mertiku

  4. Exporter [V10+] by Haijian Wang

  5. ApexCharts.js [V14+] by Johannes Goebel

  6. App Layout Add-on [V14+] by Johannes Goebel

  7. Crud UI Add-on [V14+] by Alejandro Duarte

  8. Tooltip [V14+] by Vaadin ComponentFactory

  9. Tooltips4Vaadin [V14+] by Gerrit Sedlaczek

  10. Full Calendar 4 web component [V14+] by Stefan Uebe

  11. Pdf-browser [V14+] by Alejandro Duarte

  12. TextField Formatter [V14+] by Johannes Häyry

  13. Card [V14+] by Johannes Goebel

  14. ToggleButton for Flow [V14+] by Vaadin ComponentFactory

  15. paged-tabs [V14+] by Alejandro Duarte

  16. HybridMenu [V14] by Kaes Dingeling

  17. FontAwesome Iron Iconset [V14+] by Flowing Code S.A.

  18. ComboBoxMultiselect Add-on [V8+] by Torben Meissner

  19. Autocomplete [V10+] by Vaadin ComponentFactory

  20. ClipboardHelper [V10+] by Olli Tietäväinen

  21. confirm-dialog [V14+] by Carlos Laspina

  22. ConfirmDialog [V10+] by jifalops

  23. Leaflet4Vaadin [V14+] by Gábor Kökény

  24. wysiwyg-e Rich Text Editor component for Java [V14+] by Pekka Hyvönen

  25. CKEditorVaadin [V14+] by Ryan Pang

Note that these add-ons may also be compatible with other Vaadin versions. You can check this  in the Component Version dropdown that lists available versions. For example, File Download Wrapper is also compatible with Vaadin 10 when using the add-on version 1.1.0.

If you have already created an add-on that could be useful to someone else, make sure to share it!

Luis Lundstedt
Luis Lundstedt
Luis works as a Product Manager at Vaadin. He's now focused on improving the user experience and onboarding and is contributing to making the Vaadin Design System the most accessible and best possible.
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