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Modern & interactive open-source charts for Vaadin Flow

ApexCharts.js is an open-source modern charting library that helps developers to create beautiful and interactive visualizations for web pages.

The Java API is kept very close to the original JavaScript API, allowing to translate code of the offical examples easily.

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BetaReleased 14 November 2021Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin platform 14+
Browser Compatibility
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Release notes - Version 2.0.0-beta13
  • Updated Vaadin version to 14.7.5
  • Updated to apexcharts.js version to 3.30.0
  • Added support for options.chart.zoom.autoScaleYaxis option (#123)
  • Add parameter xaxis/labels/dateTimeUTC (#128)
  • Added support for multiple Y axis (#119)
  • Added TickPlacement Option to XAxis (#125)