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Portlet Support

Commercial feature

A commercial Vaadin subscription is required to use Portlet Support in your project.

Vaadin Portlet Support for Vaadin 14 is built on top of the Portlet 3.0 Specification. Vaadin Portlet add-on developed and tested with Liferay 7 and Apache Pluto Portal 3.1.0 (reference implementation for Portlet 3.0 API), but can be run in other portals supporting Portlet 3.0.


Limitations and Known Issues

  • Vaadin Portlet does not support integration with OSGi, which comes with Liferay 7. Please vote for OSGi support for Vaadin Portlet if you need it in your project and leave a comment about your use cases.

  • Vaadin Push feature is not supported at the moment. Vaadin client-to-server polling can be used as a replacement.

  • SPA feature is not supported and needs to be disabled for Liferay, see SPA issue.

  • Vaadin Portlet API for changing Portlet’s mode and state doesn’t work with Liferay, see this issue.

  • @PWA annotation and all PWAs features are not supported.