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Portlet Support

Commercial feature

A commercial Vaadin subscription is required to use Portlet Support in your project.

Vaadin Portlet support for Vaadin 14 is built on top of the Portlet 3.0 Specification. The Vaadin Portlet add-on has been developed and tested with Liferay 7 and the Apache Pluto Portal 3.1.0 (reference implementation for Portlet 3.0 API), but it can be run in other portals that support Portlet 3.0.


Limitations and Known Issues

  • Vaadin Portlet does not support integration with OSGi, which comes with Liferay 7. Please vote for OSGi support for Vaadin Portlet if you need it in your project, and leave a comment about your use cases.

  • The Vaadin Push feature is not currently supported. Vaadin client-to-server polling can be used as a replacement.

  • The SPA feature is not supported and needs to be disabled for Liferay. See SPA issue.

  • The Vaadin Portlet API for changing a Portlet’s mode and state does not work with Liferay. See this issue.

  • Neither the @PWA annotation nor any PWA features are supported.