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Portlet Support

Creating Vaadin Portlets
How to build and run your own Vaadin Portlets
Handling Portlet Phases
Introduces the API for interacting with Portlet phases and Portlet requests
Inter-portlet Communication
How to enable Portlets to communicate with other Vaadin or non-Vaadin Portlets on the Portal page
Creating a Multi-Module Portlet Project
Shows how to create a multi-module Vaadin Portlet Maven project with each portlet is in its own module, and frontend assets in one module
Adding a Vaadin Portlet Module to an Existing Multi-Module Project
Shows how to add a new Vaadin Portlet Module to an existing Vaadin or non-Vaadin multi-module project
Appendix A - Vaadin Portlet CDI Support
Instructions on adding CDI support to your Vaadin Portlet projects running in non-Liferay containers
Appendix B - Address Book Example Project Demonstration
How to build two Vaadin Portlets that communicate with each other as a multi-module project