Vaadin Bakery App Starter for Flow and Spring

Fully functional and tested full stack application built with Vaadin 14 and Spring. It includes the best practices for all layers when building a business grade web application with Vaadin. A comfortable and reassuring head start for any commercial project.

Demo Documentation

Get Started


  1. Extract the downloaded zip into your working directory
  2. Import the Maven project to your Favourite IDE
    1. We recommend using Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA.
  3. Run the Maven goal spring-boot:run or run the project as Java application
    1. If you have command line Maven installed you can run mvn spring-boot:run in terminal
    2. You can debug or run the application as Java application in your IDE.
    3. When running Bakery locally, an embedded server is launched at the same time. In production the application can be deployed as a WAR.
  4. Go to localhost:8080
  5. Read the documentation to learn more