Announcing Vaadin Prime

We’re happy to announce Vaadin Prime – the next generation of enterprise grade support for your team. You can now be a Vaadin user in three tiers; as an open source developer, a professional developer or a development team:

Vaadin Prime is for teams what Vaadin Pro is for individuals, starting from teams of 3 developers and including everything from Pro and Core.

We’re also giving unlimited access to all trainings available as an add-on to Pro and Prime – with over 30 new trainings that you can attend online, whenever it suits you best and as many times as you’d like to, for a flat subscription price.

Sign up with Prime before the end of April – get Trainings for free!

When you sign up for the Prime plan for a year, you get free trainings for the entire team for the first year. You will save $5,400 with a team of 3 persons and $18,000 with a team of 10. Sign up either online or contact our sales at

For all our existing Pro Tools and Support customers – you can keep your current model or upgrade at any time by talking to our sales.

Get Vaadin Prime

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Congrats for releasing Vaadin 8!

I fully understand why you invented Vaadin Prime and for business clients this offer sounds very interesting. And of course I understand the necessety for you to earn money.

But maybe you should think about your triad (core, pro and prime) with those developers in mind which use Vaadin in their private, non commercial and probably open source projects. All of those, who love to build nice UIs with little effort and who try to use Vaadin in their job.

All of those ( including me ) are isolated from some interesting features ( like the Vaadin designer ) and some essential features ( charts ), as 30 days trial phase is far to short for all of us, who have about 4 hours of free time per week. I'm pretty shure no one is willing to spend such a lot of money for Vaadin Pro or Prime for small private projects.

Please think about a fourth Vaadin users tier which allows to use the comprehensive and currently commercial features in open-source projects.

Posted on 3/19/17 9:07 PM.
We hope that the introduction of Pro and Prime will also contribute positively to users of Core-tier. Revenues from commercial tiers are used to fund open source development and thus benefit everyone. We are committed in keeping Core products great for everyone and not cripple them.
Posted on 3/21/17 10:51 PM in reply to Christoph Guse.
Good ideas! We already have the Free for Education program for Pro but currently don't have plans to expand it. We hope to, at the minimum, bring as much great features to Core that it will continue to be the best free web UI framework to you and your peers!
Posted on 3/24/17 2:10 PM in reply to Christoph Guse.