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#1 Java Web UI Framework for Business Applications

QuickTickets Demo

A responsive demo application built using server-side Java with Vaadin. Showcasing big data, data visualization, drag 'n' drop and other Vaadin features.


Framework 8 is out now!

Version 8 is a huge step forward since it takes advantage of the greatest and latest Java features. Try the version out and give us feedback.

BenefitsOpen Source Java Framework
  • One language for the whole application
    Java, the #1 programming language in the world, is probably already used by your persistency and business layer. With Vaadin, you'll leverage the same proven language, professional tooling and skills to build your web UI. No need to touch markup languages or JavaScript.
  • UI logic is right next to your data
    Vaadin UI code lives in a JVM, in your web server. That's where your data and business logic also exist. This makes accessing your data and business logic really simple and efficient. No need to expose REST services or think up other ways to move the data to the browser.
  • Extensible with Java and HTML5
    The component-based programming model and Java encourage writing reusable modules. It is also easy to wrap existing HTML widgets or get down to the low level browser technologies when you need something special. There are also hundreds of community contributed extensions available.
  • Strong abstraction of web technologies
    Familiar component-based programming model helps you to build modern single-page HTML5 apps, without getting your hands dirty with low level web technologies. You can apply the skills you have learned with UI frameworks, like Swing and SWT, and concentrate on your domain problems. Vaadin will take care of client-server communication, browser differences, markup languages, CSS and even upcoming new web technologies.

How does Vaadin work?

Vaadin takes care of communicating your changes to the browser.

Hi Rudolph
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Vaadin automatically loads a "client side engine", built with
  • Initial HTML
  • CSS (theme)
  • Images
  • JavaScript
~300k compressed
(regardless of app size)
  • name="Rudolph"
  • button clicked
261 bytes
  • Add notification
267 bytes
The Code
(Running on the server)
public class MyUI extends UI {
  protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
    final TextField name = new TextField("Name");
    final Button greetButton = new Button("Greet");

      e ->"Hi " + name.getValue())
    setContent(new VerticalLayout(name, greetButton));
Web UIs in server-side Java

// All of this code is running in your server's JVM
// Create a TextField input.
TextField name = new TextField("Your Name", "Vaadin");

// Access any server-side API directly.
String serverName = servletContext.getServerInfo();

// Create a Button and define a server-side click listener.
Button greetButton = new Button("Greet the Server");
greetButton.addClickListener(event ->"Hello " + name.getValue() + "!\n" +
                      "I'm " + serverName));

// Display TextField and Button vertically.
VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout(name, greetButton);
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Powerful components

// List of entities from any Java backend (EJB/JPA/Spring/etc)
List<Person> personList = backendService.getAllPersons();

// Create a Grid and bind the Person objects to it
Grid<Person> grid = new Grid<>(Person.class);

// Define the columns to be displayed
grid.setColumns("firstName", "lastName", "email");
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Layouting in Java or markup

public class PersonForm extends FormLayout {
// Define the input fields for data.
TextField firstName = new TextField("First name");
TextField lastName = new TextField("Last name");
TextField email = new TextField("Email");
DateField birthday = new DateField("Birthday");

    public PersonForm() {
        addComponents(firstName, lastName, email, birthday);

// Create a PersonForm and bind form fields to a person bean.
PersonForm form = new PersonForm();
new Binder<>(Person.class).bindInstanceFields(this);

  <vaadin-text-field _id="firstName" caption="First name" />
  <vaadin-text-field _id="lastName" caption="Last name" />
  <vaadin-text-field _id="email" caption="Email" />
  <vaadin-date-field _id="birthday" caption="Birthday" />
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