Vaadin Spreadsheet

Vaadin Spreadsheet is a one-line Java solution to integrate Microsoft Excel files in your web application. Let users create, edit, link and share Excel documents online.

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What's new ?

Vaadin Sreadsheet 1.3.4 for Vaadin Framework 7
May 18, 2017.

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Vaadin Spreadsheet 2.0.1 for Vaadin Framework 8
May 19, 2017.

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Add Excel support to your Vaadin application

Read, write and edit XLSX files. Support for things like Excel formulas, protected cells, freeze panes, simple conditional formatting, and much much more.

Getting started

Start simply by creating your first spreadsheet in your Vaadin application:

Spreadsheet spreadsheet = new Spreadsheet();

You can open an Excel file in your spreadsheet:

try {
    Spreadsheet spreadsheet =
        new Spreadsheet(new File("C:/Users/John/Calculator.xlsx"));
} catch (IOException e) {

If you don't have an Excel file at hand, you can download one from here.

Spreadsheet for your own cloud applications

Build private or public cloud spreadsheet applications with Vaadin Spreadsheet. No more saving and sending excel files as email attachments - just let users edit their workbooks using the browser.

Move your excel reporting to browser

Vaadin Spreadsheet brings your Microsoft Excel files to your web application, where users can work with them directly without any installations. This opens up new possibilities for both distributed business reporting and data analysis.

Share spreadsheets with everyone.

Do you need to share Excel files or reports with offshore offices or publish them to internet? With Vaadin Spreadsheet you can easily create spreadsheet sharing applications that fit your needs.

Embedded Charts Support

In addition to the number crunching, Vaadin Spreadsheet supports also embedded Excel charts. This is achieved by the help of the powerful Vaadin Charts Add-on. See installation instructions.

Checkout demo in GitHub

Feature Highlights
  • Multiple sheets and formulas

    Split up your data on multiple sheets and reference cells from different sheets in your formulas.

  • Use styles and formats

    Use CSS and HTML5 cell styling, colors, fonts and conditional formatting to highlight important data.

  • Download and upload documents

    Let users save and share documents from their machines, edit them online and store centrally.

  • Seamless copy and paste

    Copy cell values from one Vaadin Spreadsheet instance and paste into another window.

Do you know the benefits?

A free PDF "What are the business benefits of Vaadin Pro Tools and how to get there?" is available for download.
A must read for all wishing to succeed with Vaadin.

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