Time to get responsive, Vaadin Board for Java is out!

Vaadin Board

Today the Vaadin Pro team is happy to introduce Vaadin Board for Java. It is a Vaadin component  for creating flexible responsive layouts very easily. No need to hassle with CSS, you just write plain Java code.

Vaadin Board can be used to create dashboards, intro screens, image galleries, or just to build application layouts, so that they will look great on different devices. We were aiming for a very easy API and responsiveness working out of the box, where you divide your application into rows, and then fill rows with components. Rows may also include inner rows that allow you to create very customizable layouts easily.

Vaadin Board for Java example

Vaadin Board is compatible with Vaadin 8.1.0-beta2 and higher.

Vaadin Board is commercially licensed and is available in both Pro and Prime subscriptions. We will be happy to react to your feedback and plan our further development based on your comments and proposals. So, please try it out and get back to us in the comments below.

Learn more and give it a try!

Vaadin Elements end of June update

Last month, in time for the Polymer 2 release, we announced pre-releases of all our Core Elements with Polymer 2 support. We're happy to say that we've now finalized the upgrade work and all Elements ship with Polymer 2 support. The updated elements are now easier to use with any framework as they do not require special syntax for doing things like DOM manipulation.

Configurable Valo theme for the Vaadin Elements Polymer Component Set
Configurable Valo theme for the Vaadin Elements Polymer Component Set

Work on the theme support we previewed in the last update is also progressing nicely. The first pre release sets up theme basics like colors, spacing, and alignment. It includes Valo and Material design implementations for vaadin-button, vaadin-checkbox, and vaadin-input. You can browse the work in progress demos here. Note that we're still hard at work and many things may still change.

We are also continuously working on expanding the component set as outlined in the previous post, focusing on the following components in the short term:

  • Text area
  • List box
  • Dialog
  • Dropdown menu
  • Menu button
  • Details
  • Tabs
  • Progress
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button

As always, we'll keep you posted on updates as we publish new things. In the meantime, go and check out all our components at

Vaadin Designer 1.4 and 2.2 released

The Designer team is pleased to announce the availability of the Designer 2.2 for Framework 8 and Designer 1.4 for Framework 7 for Eclipse and Intellij.

Provide a way to access exported component through a getter

Often you find yourself in a situation where you’d like to have access to an exported component from different package or another project module. In previous versions, it could be done only by extending the companion class and providing explicit access to its components, since by default they have protected access.

In the new version it’s possible to enable a project-wide preference, which will enable getters generation for exported components in all newly created designs. By default this setting is disabled.

In case you would like to change it later you can configure getters generation per design file by pressing cogwheel button in the editor toolbar.

For more information about companion class and components export the Vaadin Designer documentation about wiring is a great places to start.

Feedback welcome

Any feedback suggestions and bug reports are more than welcome at Vaadin Designer Github. You can also send feedback to the team through the feedback button in the Designer toolbar. 

If you still haven't, get started with Vaadin Designer today!