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The New Vaadin Forum is Live!

Marcus Hellberg
Marcus Hellberg
On Mar 14, 2024 4:35:39 PM

We're happy to announce that the new Vaadin Forum is now live on

The Vaadin Forum is a central place for you to get help, share information, and connect with other Vaadin Community members.

  • Forum and chat in one place. The Vaadin Forum brings both forums and chat together in one place. Whether you need help developing a Vaadin app or want to share pictures of baby reindeer, this is the right place.
  • A growing knowledge base. All conversations are automatically indexed by search engines to help future developers quickly find answers to their questions. We're also importing all existing discussions from Discord forum channels and the old Vaadin Forum to the new forum so you can find everything in one convenient location. 
  • Get relevant notifications. You can configure email and push notifications so you don't miss replies to your questions.
  • Access with your existing account. You can access the forums and chat through your browser using your existing account.

Join the conversation!

Interested in learning more about why we created the Vaadin Community Hub? Read our earlier blog.

Marcus Hellberg
Marcus Hellberg
Marcus is the VP of Developer Relations at Vaadin. His daily work includes everything from writing blogs and tech demos to attending events and giving presentations on all things Vaadin and web-related. You can reach out to him on Twitter @marcushellberg.
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