Modernize your Swing application with Vaadin

Vaadin Modernization Toolkit automates conversion of Swing applications to modern web applications. Our Java-to-Java transpiler drastically cuts down the size of the investment needed.

The Challenge

Swing is holding you back

Is your mission-critical application built on technology from 1998? Do users question whether your business is as contemporary as its technology? Can they continue using the application on their next device, which may not be compatible with Swing? Furthermore, does your development team feel stuck in continuing to build on a dead platform?

Web platform: Your future-proof, modern foundation
No local deployments
Web applications eliminate the need for local installations, ensuring they are always up-to-date.  Accessible from any device with a web browser, they offer unparalleled convenience and global reach. 
Cutting-edge technologies available

The web platform has become the standard for business applications, continuously evolving with the latest advancements. From AI today to tomorrow's innovations, it grants you access to new technologies for decades to come.

Accessible to everyone
Making your application accessible to everyone is not just good business, it is often required by law. Web applications are equipped with necessary technologies to adhere to regulations like European Accessibility Act , BITV 2.0, and Section 508 in the US.
Modern user experience
Expectations have evolved significantly since the days of Swing. The user interface of your application is the window to your business. If the UI is beautiful and the user experience smooth, your business will be perceived as modern and delightful to engage with.
Swing Kit

Add Vaadin web views into your Swing application

The Swing Kit enables you to do a step-by-step migration into Vaadin by embedding web views into your desktop Swing application. Now available in Vaadin Ultimate or priced separately for Vaadin Prime.
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Why Vaadin?

Why choose Vaadin for your Swing to web migration?

Read more about Swing to Vaadin migration FAQ
No more plugins nor JRE installations
Vaadin makes software deployments simple. Deploy your Vaadin application on a web server and the Vaadin GUI is served as native Web Components that run on any modern web browser.
Unlock mobile use
Vaadin GUI runs on mobile devices, as well as on desktop browsers. You can create responsive apps or even PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) and introduce a new way for you to engage your users.
Improve your user experience
With Vaadin, your apps can introduce a better visual match with your brand, make your apps more appealing and ensure that they work on any browser, device, and screen resolution.
Build with UI components
With the vast collection of UI components in Vaadin, you can easily re-implement the good UI patterns your users already love, as well as reinvent the ones they don’t.

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Customer case

Procountor made a UX-first accounting software with Vaadin

When Apple dropped support for their own JVM, we had to start supporting a Swing version of our app as well. The abstraction layer made it a natural choice for us to do the same with Vaadin, knowing that the API was so similar to both Swing and AWT. And that's what we did. Quite successfully I might add.

Lauri Lehtonen
CTO, procountor