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Johannes Häyry
Johannes Häyry
On Mar 2, 2017 10:30:00 AM

New major versions of Vaadin Pro Tools are out: Vaadin Charts 4.0, Vaadin Spreadsheet 2.0, Vaadin Designer 2.0, and Vaadin TestBench 5.0 are now supporting Vaadin Framework 8.

What’s new

The biggest change and at the same time the biggest improvement in the new Pro Tools is that the new major versions of Charts, Spreadsheet, Designer, and TestBench now require Vaadin 8 and Java 8. The new versions will not work with Vaadin 7. If you wondered why TouchKit was not in this list of updated Pro Tools, read about TouchKit on a separate post.

There are no big API changes: Charts got a new data series to support the new DataProvider API in Vaadin 8. At the same time, the old ContainerDataSeries has moved away to a separate migration package. TestBench only got slight changes to element API to reflect the changes in Vaadin core. 

Migration is easy

When you are starting a new Vaadin project, you should choose Vaadin 8 and the newest versions of Vaadin Pro Tools. If you have a Vaadin 7 project, migrating to Vaadin 8 is simple by using the migration packages and the migration guide. Migrating to new Pro Tools is even easier after your project is running on Vaadin 8, since Spreadsheet and Designer don’t need any extra changes, and TestBench and Charts only need slight modifications. Just notice that for Charts and Spreadsheet, the Maven groupId changed from com.vaadin.addon to com.vaadin.

Migration is free

Migrating to these new major versions is completely free for both subscription owners as well as perpetual license owners. All existing subscriptions and previous version perpetual keys will work with new major versions and don’t require any actions from the user whatsoever. Simple.

Start enjoying the new features of Vaadin 8 and gain the same great productivity benefits from Vaadin Pro as before. Update today.

Johannes Häyry
Johannes Häyry
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