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Spreadsheet for Vaadin 8

This component is included in Vaadin Pro and Prime subscriptions. There is a free 14-day trial available.


Spreadsheet for Vaadin 8

Vaadin Spreadsheet enables you to easily integrate your Excel files into your web applications. Read, write and edit XLSX files, with support for Excel formulas, protected cells, freeze panes, simple conditional formatting, and much much more.

Note that the component is currently available only for Vaadin 8 and 7.


Multiple sheets and formulas

Split up your data on multiple sheets and reference cells from different sheets in your formulas.

Use styles and formats

Use CSS and HTML5 cell styling, colors, fonts and conditional formatting to highlight important data.

Download and upload documents

Let users save and share documents from their machines, edit them online and store centrally.

Seamless copy and paste

Copy cell values from one Vaadin Spreadsheet instance and paste into another window.

Embedded Charts Support

In addition to the number crunching, Vaadin Spreadsheet supports also embedded Excel charts. This is achieved by the help of the powerful Vaadin Charts Add-on.