Top 10 Vaadin tutorials and blog posts of 2021

Lilli Salo
Lilli Salo
On Feb 1, 2022 6:00:00 PM

We did some digging around into our blog posts and tutorials from the past year to brainstorm on fresh new ideas for 2022. In this post, we share some of our community’s 2021 favorites on the Vaadin blog, just in case you missed one or two of these posts and helpful tutorials. Happy coding! 

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1. Create a registration form in pure Java

Learn how to create a standard registration form with error handling and cross-field validation. This sign-up form is developed entirely in pure Java using Vaadin Flow. What’s more, the form is responsive, meaning that it automatically adjusts its content to fit different screen sizes. Check it out!

2. Comparing frontend frameworks for Spring Boot: React, Angular, and Vaadin (+JHipster)

Today we are spoilt for choice, with several different frontend frameworks out there that go well with a Java Spring Boot backend. To help you decide on a stack, we did some of the heavy lifting by comparing the most popular frontend frameworks. How does Angular compare to React, and what is Vaadin’s position in all of this?

3. Packaging and deploying Spring Boot applications as WAR files

This concise tutorial, written by Alejandro Duarte, explains how to package a Maven-based Spring Boot application as a WAR file, and how to deploy a WAR file to both Apache Tomcat, and to Eclipse Jetty.

Read the full tutorial or, if you prefer, watch it below.

4. How to improve the performance of your web application

Improving a web application’s performance becomes more important the more concurrent users the application has. There are several reasons to enhance the performance of your web application, even if you do not have a huge number of concurrent users. In this blog post, we take a brief look at a couple of common approaches to performance enhancement.

5. Read and display a CSV file in Java

In this guide, we create a web app that enables users to upload a CSV file to the server, where the file content is processed and displayed back to the user’s UI inside a data grid. The web app is developed entirely in Java using Vaadin Flow (no HTML or JavaScript involved). Read the full tutorial.

6. Server-side Tetris with Vaadin Flow

If you can play Tetris implemented using server-side logic, you can for sure implement your “grids and forms style” business application, as well. And, it also makes it really fun to test the capability of Vaadin Flow for your next project! Try it out yourself. 

7. Vaadin Community Award 2021 winners

In 2021, we announced the Vaadin Community Award program, which recognizes outstanding community members. It was hard to select the winners out of so many brilliant candidates, but we hope that this serves as a good starting group who, in turn, will nominate the candidates that the whole community will vote on to select the 2022 winners. Meet the 2021 VCA winners!

Headshots of the 2021 Vaadin Community Award winners.

8. Securing Vaadin apps with Spring Security

Getting security right is critical when building web apps. The upside of building a web app is that people can use it wherever they are, on any device. But you need to ensure that only the right people are able to access it, and that they have access to only the features you intended. In this webinar, Petter Holmström, Principal Software Engineer at Vaadin,  shares his hard-learned lessons for securing Vaadin apps. Watch the full webinar.

9. Top 5 most common Vaadin performance pitfalls and how to avoid them

What are some common Vaadin performance pitfalls? In this article, we discuss some of the most common mistakes that we, as developers, make when using Vaadin that have a high potential to degrade the performance of an application. Here’s how to avoid these pitfalls in your next Vaadin project. 

10. LiquidityWell streamlined their development process with Vaadin Flow

We are always curious to hear how developers have built successful products using Vaadin and our components. For this “Built with Vaadin” post, we caught up with London-based company LiquidityWell, and got to chatting about how they streamlined the development process of their client’s application using Vaadin 14. Read all about their experience with Vaadin.

Over to you! What tutorials and articles would you be interested to see from Vaadin in 2022?

Our Discord server is the best place to leave your suggestions, or you can get in touch directly with our DevRel team; @marcushellberg, @MattiTahvonen, @samiekblad or @Tarek_Oraby

Lilli Salo
Lilli Salo
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