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Success story: UX gives you the competitive edge

Frederik Raulf
On Apr 17, 2018 7:00:00 AM

We’ve lived in a world of bad design and even worse UX. But 18 years ago, a small team of Finnish developers declared their fight against lousy UX with an unbreakable will to create beautiful web apps that users will love.

Times have changed ever since. The small Finnish team grew into a global company that serves more than 40% of the Fortune 100 companies, and the need for outstanding UX became a determining factor for an app’s success. In order to cope with the competition, your app will also have to meet the expectations of modern-day UX.

One of these apps is AXPM One, a lightweight and powerful office solution that helps Dental practices run their entire business. It is built to help Axiom Practice Management LLC, a healthcare company and majority owner of 44 dental practices, to manage their practices more efficiently.

The superb end user experience was key to the app’s success. With the support of our design team, we have been able to create an app, which has been praised by both end users, as well as internally at AXPM.

The collaboration with AXPM has been a tremendous success, and we’d like to do the same for you and your design needs. Whether you need user research, design concepting, or want us to build the UI for you or alongside your development teams, working with a company that knows both tech and UX can't go wrong. Our design team is here to support you and fight with you against lousy UX, fight for simplicity. Get started right away and contact us.

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Frederik Raulf
Frederik is a member of Vaadin's Marketing Team, currently working as a Product Marketing Manager. After being in touch with Vaadin's community through his previous Sales position, he is now trying to help improving Vaadin's service offerings. Apart from the job he is passionate about exploring the Finnish nature with his dog, yoga and SUP boarding.
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