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From proof of concepts and project kickstarts to custom component development and specific UI development, our team members have tens of years of experience from Vaadin UI development.

UI / UX Design

Creating awesome applications starts from great UX and UI design. Our Vaadin Designers are here to help you form your vision into reality so that your users fall in love with your app from day one.

Full Project Delivery

We've built custom solutions on top of Java EE and Spring since the year 2001. From project managers to UI and backend developers Vaadin's experts are happy to help you onsite or online.

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User Experience

UI Design

From the end-users' perspective, your user interface is your entire application. In order to create usable UIs one must understand the business as well as the users.

Visual Design

Design is in the details, from every icon to the usage of colors, shapes and typography. Your visual design should communicate and complement your UI design in order to help your end-user understand your application and brand.

Theme Design

Implementing the theme for your app is creating the CSS, icons and images that are part of your visual design. The end-result is a Sass or CSS file with accompanied style resources.


UI Development

When your own team already knows your business logic, sometimes the most efficient way is to have us create the UI for it. This way you maximize productivity on all levels.

Business Logic

We aren't afraid of any task, be it then ESBs, EJBs or other TLAs. Our architects and experts have vast experience from industries ranging from aerospace to insurance and retail.

Custom Components

When you already have an in-house development team, all you might need is a custom component. The most efficient way to get this done is to have the team that has built the framework do it for you.

And others...

Custom Trainings

Although online and onsite trainings are held world wide every month of the year, there are still cases where you might prefer a tailor made training in your own office.

Code Review

Be it a security review or a scalability review, with this work you'll ensure that your application can handle any situation and that it's written in a well architectured way.

Proof of Concept

A quick PoC will help you grasp your ideas and Vaadin's potential quickly. We'll draft a proposal for you where we aim to answer all your doubts as quickly as possible through a real usable application.

"It was and is a necessity to be able to trust our partners and their expertise. We plan to continue this cooperation in the future."
Stéphane Châtelet, ISO/CS

"Vaadin as a company and framework has been a successful long-term choice for Orion. We are very pleased with the Vaadin team."
Jukka Aho, Orion

Case: Orion

Orion's SAITA system is a modernisation project where an existing Desktop application was brought to the web.

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Case: PUMA

Puma's Range Toolbox is a UI project where a tablet based UI was designed and built on top of an existing backend.

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